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How Covid 19 Situation affected your Sales?

Greetings, I haven’t figured out if the Pandemic has had a positive impact on my Fiverr sales or not as I noticed a dramatic reduction on my sales on the platform. What is your experience?


Surely it must have had a negative impact if your sales decreased unless you also raised your prices?

Personally, I have earned more during the pandemic, but the orders are not coming in at a steady pace like before the pandemic. I miss being able to count on a certain amount of work, but that’s life.

We have more competition now, and perhaps some buyers are being more careful with their money. We can’t change this. The only thing we can do is to keep improving.


yeah, I think so. :unamused: :expressionless: :thinking:


about sales…it like a rainfall where its raining it raining all time…and where its not raining there became Drought…i hope you understand what i was trying to say


Actually, I’m here because of the pandemic. My financial situation became critical last year. I explored many internet jobs and Fiverr seemed like one of the most reliable ones to me. Don’t you think I do it just for the quick money, I am actually really passionate about offering services I’m good at and couldn’t be happier of making money out of my hobbies. So, in my case, getting one order here and there actually helped me. Thankfully I got a full time job in an insurance company last November and I’m not that bad financially as I was throughout last year. I also think my sales would be higher if it wasn’t for the pandemic. People in difficult financial situations can’t afford risking their money hiring a freelancer anymore —not even 5$ or 10$.


I can’t accurately gauge if the pandemic has affected my sales since I only started selling last March when it was already well into becoming a global situation.

I was planning on freelancing years before the pandemic. It seems my timing was just coincidentally terrible.


Covid-19 can’t affect your sales if you don’t have any :thonk:

(okay that sounded better in my head)


Hello friend, I am newbie in this market place since last year. I see myself my all gigs are derank day by day. There is nothing we can do now. I think be pacence. Or nothing to do.


Some months I am doing perfectly fine, others are low.
Things were like this before the pandemic, so I don’t think I’ve been affected at all in that sense.
It’s pretty much the same. I’m just glad and thankful to get orders. :grinning:


Another way to say this is, “It is either feast or famine”.

My orders have not slowed down or changed much in the last year.

@moonstaredits - I have to say, you are a breath of fresh air as a newbie here on the forum!



Oh, thank you! I got obsessed with the forum since I joined because there are very helpful topics


This is my situation

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Yes, you are correct, I think so…

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