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How did a customer purchase more than the allotted number of gigs?


So I beta read and edit. For my beta reading service, I offer 10,000 words for $5 with a max purchase of 5 gigs at a time. That’s $25. For anything beyond that, I must be contacted for a custom offer and custom delivery time. A buyer just purchased $40 worth of gigs, which is 8 gigs. No custom offer. How is this possible? Now I am scrambling to get everything done in time. WTF fiverr…


They order multiples of the same gig. I have all my max purchases set low, but that does not stop buyers from purchasing multiples. :weary:


That is such crap. I can imagine it sets a lot of buyers up for a failed delivery times. :frowning:


Yep. :neutral_face:

That or very late nights.


I feel you.

If you´d like to, please feel free to bump and add your voice to this site suggestion thread to get rid of this problem for our category.