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How did adding video help you with traffic?

Hi Fiverrs

After a year I have finally added a video to one of my newer gigs in hopes of gaining more traffic and views. The same video is also uploaded onto YouTube using key words related to my gig.

What I would like to know for those of you with a video intro, did you notice a spike in views followed by more sales? If yes how long did it take to make a difference?

Thank you

Adding a video to your gig depends on the video itself. Is it engaging? Does it immediately grab a potential client’s attention? Does it get straight to the point? Does it explain your service in an enticing way? Many factors play into a gig video. However, it does assist with sales depending on the presentation. We’ve done over 1100 orders since January of last year and we can wholeheartedly say that without our gig videos, it wouldn’t have been possible.

I hope that my video is interesting enough that I will enjoy similar success. Thank you for sharing.

as per google algorithm, offers / gigs / blogs with videos are more likely to be found quickly. For gig if you are adding simple to the point and engaging videos there are bright chances :slight_smile: I am also thinking to add some videos in my upcoming gigs

Well that’s another great reason to add a video - so the more gigs with video the better your chances of being found. Thank you

I am curious for anyone who has viewed my video, do you have feedback of how to improve the message ?

Video’s good, and you did a great job at literally showing people what they get for the money they’re spending. If you ever re/shoot the video, though, you should focus on being more confident and not shying away from asking for the money or telling to spend money on upgrading to color. Never apologize for your prices :slight_smile:

I like how you point to the order button and tell them to order James. It’s a call to action.

Thank you James for the feedback. I am definitely considering a redo but this time better scripted (I winged it this time). Some really good points for my next video.

Yup that was a suggestion mentioned in another post. I think I may end up contacting CS to see if they will allow me to close this account and create a new one. Thank your for your help.

Wow I gotta say that CS was really helpful with my situation with negative feedback and now I have to confidence to move forward with my business.

I added my video for clients to see who they are working with. I want to gain trust from my clients.