How Did August Go?


august went awesome for me this is my first month on fiverr got my level 1 seller badge completed 30 orders and earnt around 500$ how did it go for you guys hopefully well :slight_smile:


A-gust of wind came and blew away all my money!

By the way, congratulations on becoming a level One seller!


Thank you!!!


On your success!


thank you!!! hope the best for u all!


So far fine,but end of august is not so nice


August has been good, pulled in about 90% of what I did in July, so the consistency is nice. The end of august has been rough dealing with buyers though - 4 cancelled orders just today :unamused:


i think i might have to do some aswell some buyers are totally driving me crazy


My patience has been worn down this month - it’s been difficult because a lot of clients recently need a lot of hand-holding and with my work load, I just don’t have time to do that because I’m not being compensated for that time. I hate to sound callous, but man oh man.


It turned out to be a good month for me!

I expect to do even better in September. I’ve put a lot into my work this month. Long hours, lots of customer service to clients, lots of very fast deliveries.


It’s been good! I’m new, so this has been one of the better months for me since I’ve finally started to get into the stride of it. The end of the month has been rough though, since I received four new orders while trying to segue into school. So much for a little bit of relaxation before the semester kicks up again :joy:


The algorithm might have been fixed. :crossed_fingers:


so far the much has been fair after I earned a level 1 badge and scooped around $300


It went OK, I suppose.


August was very lame, but it’s not over yet. I was sick the last week, but worked anyway and I only made $1.400,- so far. Very disappointing. But as I said, August isn’t over yet.


It started out a bit slow but that was OK since I had another project outside Fiverr which kept me busy. Then just a few days ago I was asked to draw 13 images and 3 translation files, so I guess August ain’t that bad after all. :slight_smile:


August was great for me! 700$ Almost earned as much as I did in my previous year (Started December 2016).

So i got that going for me :smiley:


It was okay…I thought Twin Peaks took a nose dive in most character arcs, I got the kids a ton of material for school, the wife started babysitting because our home doesn’t have enough “crayon flavored aesthetics”, my wrist has mostly healed and I’m hoping to go back to full time training without fighting too much atrophy…

…wait… what were we talking about again?


The first 2 weeks were amazing. I havent seen that amount of orders in months… but my happiness died in the other half of the month with almost zero orders… my stadistics only show red arrows :frowning: :frowning: I don’t know what to do about it… I have great reviews, I share my gig on social networks…


you do martial arts? nice i did taekwando had a black belt now im a boxer