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How did Fiverr change your life?

I am sure everyone has a story, a story on how, one day, you, as a person, as a someone in the vast universe, decided to step up and make a change for your life. For some, it could be the very beginning of this story, the time for the burgeoning of hopes and dreams. Your head is boiling of ideas, of things to say, of projects… You’re desperate to create, to make yourself known and to prove to yourself, and to the others that you have, inside you, this powerful desire to be something more.
This is how Fiverr changed my life. I have been indecise all my life to what purpose I should pursue. Always listening to others, being passive, doubting, struggling from one shit job to another just to make ends meet and for what ? I lacked meaning, a true meaning.
I started Fiverr a month ago, so far I’ve had two orders. And you know what ? Those two orders made me feel a sense of greatness that I have never experienced before. I felt proud, because it was all about me, in this little arena, between me and my capacities, me and my desire to write, to make a living out of my passion. Deep down, I know it is the beginning of something. It might be a failure, it might be a success, but at least I would have felt something that I’ve never felt before. Pride. Accomplishment. Satisfaction.

But maybe Fiverr has already changed your life ? Maybe you’ve gained wisdom, maybe you’ve climbed the mountain I dream to reach someday for myself, maybe you’re another person because of it. Maybe you could afford that something that you always dreamed about. Maybe the passion you’ve always set aside because you were afraid of it, became the very driving force of your existence.

I’d love to hear about your stories and your dreams. What are they ? And are you ready to follow them ?


I would not say Fiverr changed my life but yes it helped me make some extra money so that I save it and Buy my own home in the future hopefully.


I hope for you that you’ll be able to buy yourself a sweet home. I hope that for myself too.

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It changed my life by helping tide me over while I dealt with illness.

Fiverr meant that I didn’t have to use my energy to hustle for freelance work and could focus on my health. I mostly get orders here without having to hustle for them. When you’re unwell and can’t go out to network, that’s very liberating.

It also changed my life by helping me advance my sales and marketing skills. I’ve learned so much about what people want and need from people like me.


My mother has been sick for a very long time, unable to work because of serious back problems. I totally understand how struggling it can be.


best regards bro and try to more and more :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m saving fiverr’s money so that one day I would be able to leave my country and get a life in another country where everything would be peaceful

The Story of the Beginning
November 2016. In order to get relief from the huge workload, I quit my high salaried private institution’s job and took the challenge to start working in Fiverr. I was shocked at the very beginning when the buyer canceled the first order because he ordered it mistakenly. I had to cancel the order within a few minutes by the buyer’s request. Though I was hurt I didn’t lose courage. As a result, I got another order in the very next week. I tried my level best to complete it properly and submitted it. The buyer was satisfied and gave me a tip. After then I did not have to wait anymore. Now I am earning several times higher than the private job from Fiverr every month.

Key Achievement
In this short time, the most important achievement working in Fiverr is that I have gained “Independence”. I have completed 1800+ projects successfully and also have earned a huge amount. The total earned amount is more than 35 thousand USD! It is a great achievement for me and it has changed my life completely. I have already purchased land from the money that I have earned from Fiverr. Plan to build a new house very soon is already final. The work will begin immediately. Besides this, a few days earlier I have arranged my younger sister’s marriage ceremony in flamboyance.

At present Fiverr is my sole income source. I have to maintain my wife and two children’s expense from the Fiverr’s earnings. I am proud to be working in Fiverr. I have a lot of dream with Fiverr in the future. But, everything depends on the wiling’s of the Almighty.


I was able to work remotely from home full time, and make a living exclusively through freelancing. I was able to leave a horrible job as a christmas elf haha. Now I have freedom and make a lot more money than I thought I’d ever be able to make at home. I have been saving as much as possible and will be able to buy a house hopefully next year, which is amazing


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