How did gig will promote correctly


Hi guys, I am new seller in fiverr. Just 2days old. I was recently created my first gig for phoshop editing.
Please view it and say what are the parts to got to be improves. Thank you…


Hi!! Nice to see you here, I saw your two gigs and they look like Nice but
make sure you’re doing professional work on Fiverr :hugs: :hugs:


Hello Sunnysum, thanx for your responce to this post and viewing my gigs too, yes I will try do my best everytime that someone envolved with me to design related works.



I Think You can get more order form this because Your gig images are more attractive. Good luck


I hope your journey will be more successfull.


I saw your both gig it’s look really nice keep it up :slight_smile:


i saw your gig.i think your gig is allright.:heart_eyes: