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How did increasing your seller level affect your Fiverr experience?



I should be hitting level 1 in a couple of weeks (have had every requirement met since before the last evaluation, except for account age. So hopefully should get there this time!

I’ve noticed a couple of posts in the forum of people saying that their sales dropped completely after achieving a higher level- so I was wondering if this is a common experience, or whether sales stay the same, increase, etc, as well as the quality of the buyers you encountered.

So what was your experience? :slight_smile:


Having decreased sales because of a higher level it’s counter-productive to the point of having levels in the first place, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

The worst thing that can happen is that nothing will change. The best thing that can happen is some improvements.

Still, you can create 3+ more gigs, which increases exposure. You also have unlimited access to buyers request. If you use all the tools right, an increase in level will make a difference. But if you count on the algorithm for your clients, don’t expect to see something different.

What has been said, and I experienced myself as well, is no change in regards to the amount of orders you get when you get demoted. But again, this weights in a lot of factors, including but not limited to self-promotion and how well you maintain your own fan base.


It may seem “counter-productive” but a lot of buyers on fiverr buy from fiverr because there are a lot of cheap options, and new sellers often charge less than higher level sellers, so many buyers may filter their searches to new sellers in order to have cheaper services.

So, it may be counter-intuitive, but it also makes sense theoretically, which is why I was asking for people’s experiences.


You asked for changes that come when you increase in level, not when you increase prices. That’s not the same thing.

And most experienced sellers will tell you that it’s better to charge more and work with fewer clients than to attract those that are looking for a bargain. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’re understanding what I asked. I didn’t mention changing prices because that’s not what my question is about. I’m saying that buyers may FILTER sellers on the basis that they ASSUME higher level sellers will charge more.

And I know it’s better to charge more but work less, that’s why I also asked about the quality of buyers (buyers not just wanting to spend $5, as well as generally whether they are more pleasant to work with etc).

I’m not asking for a set answer to a set question, because it depends on the individual. I’m just asking for people’s personal experiences. I’m not asking what will happen to me when I increase my level, because I’m not a fortune teller. I posted this in the conversations section, not the FAQ section, because I’m interested in people’s own, individual experiences, because I’m curious. :slight_smile:


There is a filter based on price when you search, and one based on level. I don’t think people confuse them since there are Pro’s with no level and prices going from 100$, and people with level 2 with 10$ gigs.

My answer was that your level won’t hold that much factor into changing your order amount as other things like price, how you use the tools at your disposal, your self-promotion, the quality of services and so on. :slight_smile:


Yes, I am aware of those things. :slight_smile: