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How did it go with your first 1 star rating?

How have you felt and what were the circumstances? How did you react and what have you done to get back in the game with full confidence? Come on, tell me how it went.

From my side, a couple of days ago I’ve received my first 1 star rating: I’ve got two gig, the first that is performing very well with great results, the second that is performing less than the first with less returns, my dedication and attention toward every order, request and client is obsessive, optimizing always the customer experience with my best assistance and professional skills, for every gig that I produce at every time.
A client contact me for the second gig, we decide all of the details and agree on them, I deliver the order and the client is not satisfied and require a revision.
Explicitly, no revision is included in the gig, but in that particular occasion I decide to make a gift to the client and work together on a revision, I explain all of the details needed (as already done in the first delivery) to contextualize the customer’s expectations and guide him in a concrete thought process, avoiding to create false expectations.
He agree and thanks me a lot for my kindness and dedication.
I realize the result and deliver it to him, wait 2 days with no contact ( despite trying to contact him with simple messages like “hello how are you?” “can I help you?”), he close the order and leave a 1 star rating, claiming that he’s not satisfied with the result, that I’ve considered only quantity over quality and that I’ve been cold.
It’s been quite a shock for me.

After taking a deep breath, I accepted it and moved on, answered publicly to the buyer’s rating and review.

If you’ve had a similar experience, how have you felt and how have you reacted accordingly? How long did your gig take to perform back to normal? Have you noticed any downturn in your profile?

I look forward to hear from you.

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Anybody on the topic guys?

I think a couple of PRO and TRS had 1* a long time ago, but they talked about it so many times here so I think they are just tired of repeating the same old same old.

I did not get 1* here but I did get 1* on my day job. I am an instructor and I was talking about discriminations and I was reading some of the statements from the discriminators.

I said “all Americans are stup…, all black people, all white people are germans…” I was exaggerating how easy is to fall into that trap. At that moment one of the new students joined the class. I usually do not allow entrance in the middle of the class just for this reason. He stated I was racist and gave me my first in 14 years of being lead professor negative review.

After that incident, I made it an explicit rule no one enters my classroom after the bell sound.


Simple but effective Marina, great idea.