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How did my client pay from client

Hi Im new in Fiverr as a seller. I’m from Philippines. I done 1 jobs which is posted on buyers request. My client ask me to work for his task then I’ll do it. I send my output on fiverr mail. I don’t know how did he going to pay me for my job. I ask him and he said he already pay me through fiverr. Please help me what to do.

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Did you send them a custom offer? Did they place an order? Did you have a completed order showing when you click the order tab? My guess is you did the work before they place an order, sent them the work via message, now the buyer has the work already. If that’s the case, lesson learned. Don’t work on anything for anyone unless you receive an actual order.


So they may not going to pay me for that ? :frowning: DO I have to click the create offer tab on message before sending ant work? I haven’t do that he Just said that he though he was paid image :frowning:

j6nyc6 thanks for the information your response now I know what to do next time I got a job from client.

If you click the message tab under notifications you could see if the buyer placed an order. You will always get a notification that such and such person placed an order.


okay thanks a lot. now I understand.

I would suggest to read fiverr help page and take their free course on how to be a successful seller to learn how fiverr works.
For now it looks like you don’t even know basics on how the order should be placed.


Thanks for the responds. I just knew fiver in youtube only. And I just start to have job for 2 weeks. Thanks for the advice I will visit fiverr free course :blush: