How did my gig stay in the top positions?


I am a new seller. So, I did know how a new arrival gig stays in top positions


hard work, great tags and keywords, outside marketing and word of mouth, and great customer service.


And a healthy dose of time involved.


thank you dear:slight_smile:


forgot to add, since apparently you don’t know this, don’t spam people who respond to your questions in the forum with a private message wanting them to buy your gig.


Try best to keep only 5 stars rating and deliver on time


can you please tell me the great tags for the logo gigs and brochure gigs?


Sorry, unless you really are Negin Mirsalehi and didn’t just rip her image off the net and therefore exposed yourself to copyright infringement, I can’t help.


don’t be sorry. its okay


“Time is Money” so invest your time on fiverr. we have to be more active here. Thanks.


New Gigs have a chance to be on the search top for a while because of rotation. My one was on the search top for about 2 months (with big orders) - now it’s sinking deeper and deeper. So I created a new additional one for being lucky for a while :slight_smile:
Rotation is very good and very bad. But it’s fair.