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How did the potential buyer find me?

I received an inbox message from a potential buyer asking me to send a demo of my voice over services. I responded that I didn’t typically send free demos, but they could listen to the demo on my gig page. They then asked me to send them a link to my page. I assumed if somebody contacted me, they were already on Fiverr and/or my page, but apparently not. If they’re not already on the site, how are they contacting me? Secondly, how do I send a link to my page or demo?


I think they clicked the “CONTACT ME” link on your profile. They probably found you by searching and then clicked on your gig from the search results. If they were contacting from your gig, you would see the gig attached in the message. If this is not the case, then they contacted you directly from your profile.

It is very possible that they didn’t bother to look through your gig - especially if they are new on fiverr. Maybe they are still not sure how fiverr works


Phhh, I get all this time, people coming and asking “can you show me some examples of your work” and they clearly came from my page with hundreds of examples in my gigs.

So for those people I’m always replying “sure, you can check my gig gallery to see all examples”

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Thank you for the info. I’ve had people contact me before requesting a demo and when I refer them to my gig demo, don’t hear from them again. This person actually wanted me to link it, so seemed more interested than the others. If I did want to create a link to my gig, can you point me in the right direction? I’m sure the info can be found here somewhere on Fiverr.

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I think you can just go on your gig page, copy link from the website bar and copy it to the messages :woman_shrugging:

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Then URL will be so long, there is another way which generates short URL
Go to your gig page, Click to share on twitter there you will find your gig url in popup box.


I think this depends on the service you are offering. For instance, If I was looking for a graphic designer, I might be satisfied with the samples I see on their gallery but if I was looking for a web designer, I would insist on seeing some live websites they have done before and not just screenshots on their gallery.

I often wonder that as well. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume someone contacts you because they are interested in your work specifically. And that implies they like your style and are interested in purchasing something that is done in that style and something that you actually, you know, advertise doing. A crazy idea, but still.

But then the first question from their mouth is “do you have any samples of your work to show me” and while it’s annoying it’s a good indicator that you actually need to ask this person more questions. Because it may turn out that, in my case, they don’t need an illustration, they need a photo collage while there are zero photo collages in my portfolio.

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