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How did these seller contact me from my "buyer request"?

Hi, I’ve been being a seller at fiverr for a couple of months now but it was my first experience creating a buyer request. By the time the request being active, some sellers started to offer me their gigs. And some sellers even offer me their gigs through private message! I wonder how did they know my account name? As a seller i used to offering my gig to buyer requests and i found no way to even know which user made the requests. Is there anything i missed?

That’s a good question! I hope someone knows the answer, because I thought the same as you: there’s no indication on the buyer request who posted it.

The seller should not have been able to contact you via private message UNLESS you are also a seller on Fiverr with a “CONTACT” button next to your name. Unfortunately, this is the case for you.

When you first click on “Send Offer”, and you get to choose the gig you want linked to the buyer request, the ID of the buyer shows up. It is the only time we can see who the request comes from. If an offer is submitted, there is no way to go back and see who the request was from. So technically there is always a way to find out who the buyer is and sometimes there is a way to contact them through the inbox.

If there is some possible way to exploit ANYTHING, somebody always finds a way.

The bat rastards. >:)

The most amusing ones I find are ones that spam me all 10 of their gigs that are only “Sort of relevant” to my buyer request and think I am going to buy any of them after getting spammed in my inbox.

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Reply to @cheezees: It seems be the case. I didn’t get any message after those first minutes my request being active.

Reply to @freelancemm: Yeah. I checked some of them and i couldn’t even figure out how their gigs can relate to my request.