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How did they do this?


Hello Fiverr Family,

I am back for another question.

I just came across this option on a gig and was wondering if anybody knows how to add the “Other Gigs that I feature option”

I have attached a screenshot below.

Thanks for your time.
-Pastor Dre


It shows up automatically if you have similar gigs set up in the same category.


Ahhhh ok gotcha thanks @annai80


Actually it’s a new feature not yet rolled out on all categories, where you can manually specify relevant services you may be offering.


Ah got you @frank_d. Thank you. It might be a little bit of both. I have gigs in the same category and when I click on one of those if does show “Other services I offer”


Yes you can fill it out yourself. It doesn’t lead to existing gigs, but to sales via custom offers.

So it’s not a little bit of both. :slight_smile:

I think it’s super useful though. Hopefully it will roll out globally soon. :slight_smile:


I didn’t fill it in so it must have happened automatically somehow :grin:

Edit: Maybe you can tell @pastordre how to find this feature so he can enable it for his gigs (if it’s available in his category)


Now that would be helpful - thanks @annai80

Is there a way I can enable it @frank_d


Unless it’s enabled in your category, there’s no way to activate it I’m afraid.


I think its a automated feature. I’m saying this, because my friends have created accounts in fiverr a few days ago, created some gigs and now anyone can discover there other offer as you have mentioned above.


it may be automated, I wouldn’t know since it’s not available in my category.