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How did this gig even get approved?


I was randomly browsing the site this morning. Look what I found on the second page…

Starting at $35. How does he not have sales? This site is so unfair sometimes.


It’s weird.:rage:
Let’s make some NOUSE :joy:


See #2


:confounded: Painful!

Promising fame, wow just wow. :space_invader:


Give it a Try Nik… :wink:


I looked up that gig and the picture is just as strange as the rest of it.


LOL, it kinda looks like a fossilized :icecream: cone. :smile:


Strange profile picture too but it at least is identifiable as a tool in a case.


prolly one of those smol childs who think their minecraft let’s plays make them god at photoshop with the shitty thumbnails lmao


I know a “report” button on gigs would be abused, but this platform would benefit from it in many ways.


“my product is editing photo with photoshop,im expert in photo shop,if you nit belive orders with me,and you belive with me,come on orders with me.make you famous”



The forums have certainly, so yeah!


People don’t realize there are lots of kids on here. Some kids are mature and able to deliver high quality orders but not others.


That’s a skill, I bielive :wink:


Sounds really peculiar. I think such green horns should develop their skill with knowing proper ENGLISH then he/she should create an account here. Otherwise, they will be the toy of playing by someone.LOL


Somehow, I don’t “bielieve” that the “nouse” they will make will make me famous.