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How did you become a full time freelancer?


That’s it. I’m graduating in a month and two and I’ve decided to do freelancing for some time. Can you share some details about your journey on becoming a full time freelancer?


I watched a Nike commercial and…rest is history.


I found a group on a social media, where some people posted that they Earn 100000000$ by doing freelance work. And :smiley: now here I am :smiley:


hahahahah Writer :slight_smile:
Seriously perfect advice.
What else can be said?
It has ALL been said already a million times on the forum


By ignoring all the good advice to not just do it.


Told my momma—I am leaving to become a freelancer!—I began my journey a couple of months ago, I had begun chasing my life-long overzealous dream to become independent of all authority whatsoever!

I now live in a box, no food, no regrets baby. :sunglasses:


My ex told me to…


BROTHER… He is also a freelancer.


Freelancing has been precarious at times. I started freelancing full-time after leaving a company deciding it would be better to pursue my passions. I made decent income however, it requires double the energy and was not always so rewarding, but then working for other people is not always rewarding either. Currently, I go to college for a Masters Degree, work a full-time job and still freelance because I can always use the extra money and like having something that is not being bossed around by other people.

I find that even if freelancing, it is necessary to treat the experience like a business. You have to be a business owner. I was able to gain many different types of clients through Fiverr and it has been a great experience that I have recommended to other people, but you always have to be looking for more. I think being a full time freelancer comes with a bit of uncertainty just as the job market but to sustain you must keep selling and marketing your business to keep a steady flow while providing excellent customer service.

You also want to be sure that even if you are freelancing, that you are charging correctly because many people out there, especially small business owners are looking for as much as possible for as little as possible and that can be challenging when trying to be competitive but you have to price things in such a way that you earn a good living that would be comparable or better than working a full-time job.

Though there are “perks” with freelancing such as setting your own schedule or working from wherever you desire, there are no company-matched benefits, no PTO, no 401K, and no paid vacations so you would have to compensate those things on your own.


Thanks everyone I appreciate you.


I was looking for a job and found one, I gave it a try and I am still working as freelancer


Lost my comfy corporate job, not so comfy wife, house, dog, motorcycle and car…basically right after my life became a country song I decided to work for me. I’ve never been happier…but I still miss my dog though:slight_smile:



You have a really awesome outlook. You also have pretty awesome gigs! :grinning:


Is that you Morgan Freeman?


@gina_riley2 just a choice made, feel bad or feel good. Easy choice!


Sorry to hear! Glad things finally turned around for you!


Someone very near to me said once:
"you’re wasting your time with that Photoshop"
And so everything started…


Easy, no work so far for anyone on our team … :slight_smile:


Will take some time for you but Freelancer is better then most job out there


True but that is if you find work :wink: