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How did you become a TOP RATED SELLER?

Hey masters,

Can you share with me your story of becoming TRS and how you were contacted by Fiverr to tell you the good news, or did you send a message to CS to let them know you are worthy of a TRS status. I thank you for any time you invest into this.

Random Zeus


Hi there,

First of all you will never become a TRS by asking. Just do your best, be unique, get good ratings, help the community, be as friendly as possible with your customers and Fiverr sellers. One day (maybe), Fiverr will contact you.

But why so much desire for TRS status? If you are good enough you can do better then TRS sellers.

All the best in your way for TRS,



Hi, don’t think about TRS & just do your best. one day u will get it. good luck…

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I just wanted people to share their stories. I like stories.

Reply to @dukanu: I recently contacted Fiverr Support about (How become a TOP RATED SELLER) & they said you have to nominate yourself for the TRS badge & then they review your profile… There are so many sellers how the heck they know who is the best. Btw, I think you deserve TRS badge too :wink:

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I was curious about this too. Thank you for asking the forum :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a top seller. Just provide excellent service, if a customer gets you mad or another user/seller, take a deep breath and look at your choices and don’t forget there is more customers out there for you to offer your services too so don’t get worked up on one order. If customers are order bombing you because your a super competitive seller set some guide-lines for them to follow your order process.

Market yourself outside of fiverr, direct them to your fiverr profile. I get about 2-3 people contacting me like on twitter a day and I just point them to my profile. Fiverr is there for you to help you be a productive seller so take advantage of that. From time to time use Fiverr and get an experience from it, order some gigs from the Top Sellers and see how they handle the process, then come up with some unique gigs on your own and build a competitive edge, like offer bonuses that might fit your clients demographics.

I think of it like this, how do I become top seller = How do I become a better business person on fiverr and what would my customers wish for?

I think the most important thing to help you get to Top Seller is be humble and work hard…also make sure you contact customer support if you have a problem, that’s why you pay them the 20% to help you sell and market yourself. Well worth it…

Believe it or not, I wasn’t thinking of being a seller right off the start, I was a buyer, and when I noticed there was more to give to this community, I said, what the heck, lets give it a try and I’ll put a gig up and I put myself in start up shoes and BOOM. When I first started, I got so many orders I didn’t know how to handle it, then I took a step back and organized myself on fiverr… then again slowly I grew and now I get 5-10 orders everyday and regardless of the amount per order keep going don’t stop…

Buyers will believe in you and in turn help you grow on fiverr and fiverr will notice.

Don’t try to change your status on fiverr, instead change the status of the buyer…


Reply to @joeyperezwest: Okay. That was really good man! Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Reply to @inet_solutions: No problem, I enjoy coming on here and talking, I also encourage those who are active on fiverr like you to join in conversations more on here.

I notice some who are extremely active on here and post to almost every posting here hardly have any or don’t have any gigs. I don’t get it…

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Reply to @wpfalcon: When you start to get 5-10 sales a day, maybe 5-15, they notice. Remember, you’re not just making money for yourself, you’re making money for Fiverr. If you’re good, they will reward you. If you’re really, really good, they might blog about you. That hasn’t happened to me yet.

Having an original gig helps i.e. solving a problem nobody else has solved.

I’ve often wonder why nobody’s doing “I will find you jobs for $5.” Unemployed people are often depressed, they hate looking for work, maybe for $5 you find them 5 jobs. Your delivery would be a word document with the jobs and the links. Or you can charge them extra for filling up their job applications.

Here’s another idea, maybe someone on welfare could do a gig about how to get welfare, how to qualify for unemployment, food stamps, find section 8, etc.

Good luck.

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I try for level one I got it
i try for level two I got it
i try for top seller level
now i try and try


I’d like some advice on how to get my first sale please! I know I can offer just as good as any other designer but it seems no one is interested in someone with no ratings. Please help :slight_smile:

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Right on!!

i saw some sellers having 300 reviews and they are TRS :(,how they are

You’re the Idea guy!

Agree with you

always provide excellent service and never be late to deliver.