How did you become successful on Fiverr?


I am new to Fiverr and would love to hear stories of how you became successful on Fiverr. This will help to motivate others.


Read @paulmaplesden thread about how sellers have become successful on Fiverr! There are 38 attached that will motivate any new seller!


It is very important to me because my aim is to build an online business. Thanks for the link.


You have to work your ass off. Treat Fiverr as if it is a legitimate business, and advertise, promote, and work hard to provide high quality for return clients.


Im willing to work my ass off just waiting for that 1st client!


You’ll get some soon :slight_smile:

While you are waiting here on Fiverr, consider these awesome tips too:


@lucycodex did you know the link you just posted is part of @paulmaplesden ‘s thread? I think I counted 37 others as well!


Oops! My bad, haha! I didn’t check your link before I posted mine


Feel happy Paul found you worthy of being in his thread! :star_struck:


The problem you have here is… you’re waiting. That’s not a sound business strategy. Stop waiting for things to happen, and MAKE them happen. The only thing stopping you from becoming successful – is you.


Jonbaas I’m advertising my butt off on social media.


And is that where your targeted, researched, “these are the people who need what I have to offer” customers are located?


I know I don’t make enough to make a living only based on Fiverr, but I guess I can say I’m doing OK enough.
The number one thing I can say for sure is that I spent a LONG time putting my gigs
together. Writing the description ( I made sure it was clear and detailed ), creating sample images, also compared them with the other successful sellers, etc etc.
Once the gig is created of course you can promote them to your target audiences, but
still your gig needs to be good and look good.

I haven’t checked your gigs yet but as long as you are good at what you are doing,
you should get the first break.
You might want to keep in mind though, no matter how good you might be, it could
take WEEKS ( and even months…) to get your first order.


Well I am not sure exactly where to find them on social media but I post in groups that are geared towards earning money online.


You are a top rated seller and you don’t make enough to make a living only on fiverr. Interesting.


Why do new sellers always seem to think their customers are casually hanging out on social media, and are just waiting to see random posts from random people asking them buy their random services?

That’s not how business – or marketing – works.

Hypothetically, if your service was selling ice-cold bottled water, then you’d probably go to the hot, sandy beach… where people want a cool beverage to drink. If you service was the installation of brand new car tires, go where the roads are bad and people drive cars. Expecting untargeted social media to be the immediate solution to sales and success is like expecting a baby to build a time machine. It’s not going to happen.

Figure out who your customers are and go to where those customers are located. Don’t go to social media, and expect them to be there waiting for you to arrive.


lol ok Jonbass. Thanks for the advice will have to really do some research for that one.


TRS means I did a good job and therefore I got good ratings ( someone please correct me if I’m wrong ), it doesn’t mean that I have made top “number” in sales.

I guess this depends on where you live, but say I made $1000 a month. It’s rather rare in my
case, but it has happened a few times. At least in Tokyo, that is NOT enough AT ALL to
make a living. TRS might mean you are successful, and yes, I AM indeed successful in a way that I have been able to help a lot of people and made them happy.
It doesn’t mean I am rich. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Good point @zeus777. It seems that many new to Fiverr sellers want to be TRS so they can be rich, when in fact some sellers of lower levels could make more than a TRS.


Ok, wasn’t thinking you are rich, just assumed that once you are at that level, it would provide you with the opportunity to be able to live off it if you wanted to, but different strokes for different countries.

In Jamaica making a $1000 per month is a basic salary for a number of people especially young university graduates and even some persons are making $400 as minimum wage which is insufficient to make ends meet.