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How did you decide which Gig you'd offer on Fiverr?

Some sellers join Fiverr, create Gigs and see the sales start rolling in while others struggle to get a steady stream of income. It’s not because they lack the ‘right’ skills or the most ‘effective’ descriptions, but because they didn’t check to see if there’s a demand for their service.

The best way to design a Gig that targets a real need is to go right ahead and ask the people you are targeting to help.

Our latest blog post provides tips on how you can find the right niche for you.

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Well, I’ve been offering drawing commissions on other sites recently at the time, though I wasn’t getting many orders… then I saw someone comment about Fiverr and checked it out.

… So basically, I had my ‘gig’ decided before joining XD

I started with Fiverr as a buyer for a couple of years. Since 2001 I have been marketing online successfully and became good at advertising my businesses. Early on I believed in social marketing and built up huge social networks of faithful fans and followers. A year or so ago I decided to offer my skill on Fiverr and created a Gig offering to promote businesses and Gigs to my social networks. I quickly got some interest without even looking for it. Then a couple of customers kept coming back with regular orders, that’s when I decided to improve my Gig and offer more Gigs in that niche, then advertise my Gigs. More orders started to come in.

Although my niche is not unique, I always made it a point on going the extra mile and always over-delivered, and always delivered long before the deadline. This I believe gained me many positive comments (not one negative comment yet).

Nevertheless, I do scratch my head and I am yet to find THE Gig that is unique and that everyone will want to buy and I know that one day, it will pop up at the least expected moment, so I am prepared! $-)

video is very interesting and useful.

for business, product, or just a doodle texts or messages.

so, i offer to create video scribe from that idea.


I was on the radio and did voice over for 20+ years. Retired from radio in 2011 and continued to do voice over from my personal studio. Fall of 2011, I had a traumatic injury to my shoulder and lost the use of right arm. My shoulder could not be fixed and during a 7 hour surgery, my should anatomy was removed and replaced with metal and other materials.

I was benched. I couldn’t drive, play guitar, type on a keyboard or use a mouse. Couldn’t even get dressed by myself.

After 11 months of physical therapy, I started regaining some use of my arm and hand, but still couldn’t drive to auditions, use a keyboard/mouse or many other normal business or life activities. During this time, my voice over business was non-existent.

I joined Fiverr to see if it was even possible to get gigs and thought; 1) for $5 the gigs would be small, something I could handle considering my injury and 2) it would be a way for me to ease back into voice over after a long absence.

It’s coming up on 2 years since the injury/surgery and although my right arm will never be 100%, after 18 months of physical therapy, I’m at about 85-90% range of motion. I’m able to drive, use a keyboard/mouse, use a vacuum and doing much better than the doctors ever thought I would. I’m even back teaching voice over at a local college, which I’ve done for 9 years.

And I’m still on Fiverr !!!


Inspirational story, it really puts the power of this site into perspective. I’m glad you’re exceeding expectations and you’ve made some noticeable recovery. I wish you all the best with your ventures here and more importantly with your physical therapy which I’m sure is always ongoing. Thanks for sharing. :-c Mahalo.

I stumbled on to Fiverr whilst searching for online income opportunities, at the time I was really in need of some extra cash as I was jobless. I knew when I opened Fiverr that it was something completely different, something I had never seen before and I got really excited.

I racked my brain for days before coming up with my first gig which was good old pacman - He really put me on the map, hahaha. So yeah Fiverr has allowed me to earn money doing what I love to do and it inspires me on a weekly basis to come up with new and interesting gigs.

Being from South Africa I have noticed that not many people here know what the hell I am talking about when I tell them what I do on the side now :slight_smile:

I came up with mine after browsing the art sections on here. Some of them were just so cool and thought hey I OK with calligraphy , I can do that. But the one that really became popular was the Star Wars Figures will deliver your message gig. Then I left Fiverr for 3 months. And… now Im back .

One thing Ive noticed since Ive been back, the popularity has gone up and the website is over flowed with gigs now. I remember when I would type in “Star Wars” in the search it would just be me and about 3 others who would pop up. Now I did the search and I recieved over 200 listings. That just shows how much Fiverr is growing. I just hope it doesnt over populate.

Well i was in a graphics academy so it was obvious i will choose logos.

For those of you who have created gigs, how do you deal with multiple buyers wanting one or more changes to your gig? How do you keep track of the requests and get them all done in the allotted times?

Reply to @brokenglass2014: I find that using my excel program helps so much with keeping track of Gigs and messages. I know what needs to be done and I can also remember those people who just send me a message about a possible Gig (so that I can remember to follow up and get their business).

I actually have my Gig sales tracker as a Gig on fiverr if you want to see it (video is on Gig page).

The utmost thought that helped me to opened my gig is My expertise field. I am social media marketeer working on facebook and other social media for musicians. Previously worked under some music level. These experience helped me to decide which gig to open.

Additionally apart from my experienced part, I love to play guitar & piano since from my childhood. So I am now planning to open some gig related with guitar & piano.

Interested people can check my gigs here :

The most thing that motivated me to join fiverr was the tiredness of working as a waiter and a bartender, here in my place they pay you 150 euro/ month and you can’t even buy food with that amount of money. I tried so many freelancing sites but with no success, one day my friend told me about fiverr, it looked funny to me but I started creating gigs for graphic designing as I can do almost everything in this field.

It is been about two months now and I had 14 sales with very happy and returning buyers but I guess this isn’t it supposed to be, I see people with 20+ orders in queue and I struggle to get a sale and work with it and deliver as fast as possible.

Comic strips, Drawings and Graphic design gigs if anyone interested.

Thank you!

I actually think Fivver can promote our gigs a little more. I often see the same gigs being featured on their main page. Lack of exposure is the reason some of these gigs are not being sold.


I have the necessary gear and experience doing voiceover work. I noticed that many people do the same on here successfully, and felt that I could offer a decent style that some folks may want.

I’m very pleased to say that October was my best month on Fiverr. I am trying to look at how I’m doing things to boost my income even more with the same kind of work.

It’s important for me personally to do jobs that add to my professional background as a radio guy/voiceover artist/music producer.

I have been reluctant to offer any musical gigs because I’d rather spend my time making music for myself. However, I considered doing something unique with a birthday greeting. Probably something acapella that is just customized for each new customer. Not sure about it yet though. We’ll see.

I was doing graphic design on other sites till a friend told me about

Fiverr is an excellent platform for graphic designing…:slight_smile:

My case was different. I started with videos right away because it looks like in nowadays videos play an important role in online business. I gave it a try and it went from there. Keeping in mind that buyer wants to see a quality product is what keeps me motivated.

I am a creative writer and digital artist at heart when I was researching the categories I was going to post my first gigs in, but I noticed that the existing gigs I was going to post in were all very similar so I thought to myself as a creative writer, where can I help the most people? So with this little bit of self-discovery and a lot of note taking, I found my niche. Now I am a very happy Level 1 seller on my way to Level 2. Thanks Fiverr!

I am very new here! Well, I just finished college an actually pretty much broke right now so I thought of making use of my photography skill to come up with gigs that are related to candle light messages! Fell free to check out my gigs. I have one for Christmas too. :))