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How did you decide which Gig you'd offer on Fiverr?

@vanash92, you’re posts are beginning to feel a bit spammy. Just sayin’. :-))

I have Problem with video editing that is way I can’t able to add video on my gig

I just heard about it from a friend. First I thought about what I could do and what was things people use often… I set up a few gigs, later I became creative and did more. I thought about special events like Xmas or Halloween. It took me 5 months to become Level 2 seller, beside a few design gigs I was lucky I had a customer who ordered a lot of translations so I was reaching my 50 orders. Then being Level 2 in the sixth month I made the same amount of orders I had made the other five months. Now I am over 100 successful done orders… So I think it really helps when you work hard to reach Level 2. Then continue the hard work but I think people might take sellers more serious…

I went to school for media studies and settled with graphic design. I eventually came across this site from an ad and didn’t think much of the site at first. A year or so later I came back to see if fiverr was still around and it is. I finally was shown that this was going some where and I wanted to be a part of it. The crazy thing was that there is a lot of graphic designers on here. I ended up just slowly getting contacts that I had worked with before and told them about my huge discount deal I was doing for designs. At the same time, people that I do not know are just asking for my services. I think with every graphic designer that we all have our own styles and people just drawn to that style at the time and want that from you.


I did join fiverr after suggesting my friend but I did not know that time what do I do. Before I was working a SEO manager in a private company but I was not happy to work there. After creating my first gig when I got my first order I was so happy and very excited. Now I love working on fiverr, I have left job and working full time on fiverr.


I’ve managed my iPhone blog and having some fanpages. The idea came up when some poeple selling facebook likes and such on fiverr, so I tried promoting my own promotion on facebook fanpage.

Been busy for other things and I’ve let the fiverr gigs mostly late delivered. But now I’m back to be more serious with it.

I can do what I was born to do on Fiverr, and few other places allow me to reach out to people this way. For me it wasn’t any decision, it was simply being led to the perfect place for me.

It is much easier for me. I started to offer services related to SEO article writing, technical article writing, SEO, and ebook conversion, because I am an expert in these services. So, I am offering these services.

Market Research is key to be successful on Fiverr.

I am a business consultant and a marketing manager and have worked for years on documentation for startup companies and small businesses.

When I did some market research I noticed that there are a lack of GIGs which help provide information / documents to entrepreneurs for them to get there foot in the door and help them establish their business.

Business Plans, NCNDAs, partnership agreements, marketing templates, accounting documents are essential to keep you on track.

I started offering what already know to do for a living (aka Day’s job), Software Testing… It’s not a Killer Seller, but I’m getting a customer per week, which is not that bad, the extra cash at least bought me dinner the other day.