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How Did YOU Discover Fiverr?


We would love to know how did you find fiverr, and what made you create an account and give it a chance?

For me, a family member has already been working on fiverr for some time, and have sparked an interest in me to try and explore this new age way of making money from home.
Needless to say I now thank him as fiverr is the place I work full time.

Share you story :slight_smile:


I read about it in an article in Life Hacker. Signed up for the newsletter, contacted a seller who became my mentor, and here I am.


Great story, thank for sharing ! :slight_smile:


What does it matter how somebody discovered Fiverr???


It clearly does matter to us, and this is a conversation forum :slight_smile:


I guess most people found it by accident or can’t even remember. I don’t remember how I came here. Hope this helps.


I signed up for many freelance websites when I got started, but this is the only one where it clicked for me.


Simple story. A friend of mine said something along the lines of “Hey, I found this site, why don’t
you give it a try?” I looked at it, I thought I’ll give it a shot. The reason why I decided to give a shot…well, not a nice thing to say, but back then many of the illustration gigs that were not that good quality and I thought I can do better than those people. I also found translation gigs that didn’t seem that decent…so again I thought I can do better.I know, I sound mean…


Same here, among the rest, fiverr is indeed the best ! :slight_smile:


Totally makes sense. When quality is bad and you can improve it, you stuck gold !

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think it matters, because most people don’t know Fiverr exists, and it is better for us sellers to have more people know about it. :slight_smile: What Fiv or sellers do with this info - I don’t know. But, spreading the word is a good idea in my opinion.


Hi .
From a friend, and I was happy to find Mithusaha .I got great work from him,and
I will give the name to others.


Nice, thank you ! :slight_smile:


I ended up finding it through a YouTuber. I can’t remember exactly who it was or what they said about it, I just remember it interesting me enough to find out more.


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


Googled it, how can I make money fiverr came up with some other names… working on almost all platforms…


I came across Fiver through a Facebook post a junior of mine made. He posted a screenshot of his revenue page and I noticed in 4 months he had made over $3000. Needless to say I needed any further conviction to bring me here. So hi, here I am :slight_smile:


How did I discover Fiverr? Well, see, I was outside one day, digging in my garden with my pick and shovel, and… well… there it was. Right there in soil. It was the prettiest thing I ever saw. Since I’m such a nice guy, I took it inside, washed it up, and now Fiverr is my beloved pet.

It follows me around everywhere. Such a great little companion!


I worked on a local freelance websites. And one day I saw a russian clone of fiverr named . After some investigation I found original source - fiverr.


This was friends tonic. But that time I am not was so much experience to show my skill but now feel better.