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How did you feel when u made your first $1000 on fiverr

Hi all,

Am just curious.for me, it felt really great. Now wondering how it would feel like reaching $10, 000 goal.

I would like to know how others felt and equally help those that are yet to do so achieve it

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Reply to @crorkservice: You are on a league of your own with a very small number of sellers at fiverr.

Judging by your sales volume and daily queue you are well over the 100k mark.

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yea…u almost there…congrats

any advice for those coming up?

Its feel awesome, Because as it is a Micro Job site, so to reached $1000 by $5+$5+++ have to face lots of things.

When finally its reached a large amount its feel like that: Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean.

I think you feel the same thing when you reach $5, but multiplied by 2,000 times. I think I will not be able to get even a $5 multiplied by 1.

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Don’t worry, Keep trying and one day you will get more than you wanting for.

Tired. :slight_smile:

It was amazing feeling. Now i’m looking forward to 10,000$ :slight_smile:

Hello people, i’m new and have no sails yet. How long did you take to sell the first one?

I actually felt bad, because I realized I spent it all on online shopping! lol :-S

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Thanks for the encouragement!

I reached $1000 after about 50 gigs, but was so busy I didn’t even have time to think about it! LOL.

Can someone just leave the funds there until it gets to the $10, 000 mark?

Is it advisable?

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Took quite a while…be patient, it will come


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Very nice …congrats

Reply to @videoscribe4u: Start with a killer deal $5 gig and work your butt off to build a solid collection of five-star reviews. After you’ve established yourself as a level 2 seller and have a good base of repeat customers, that’s when you make the base $5 gig a teaser and make your money using the gig extras for the “full product.” I’m in an in-between state right now and I’m deciding if I want to wait until 100 reviews on my best seller before making the transition, or if i just want to do it now. We’ll see.

I haven’t made it yet but making my first $20 felt pretty awesome!

I just crossed the $750 line, so I’m 3/4 of the way there, and it feels the same as it did when I first started: “Well, that’s another Fiverr paycheck to pay down the balance on the Mastercard.”