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How did you feel when you got first order

when i get my first order that is big love for me. i was waiting more & more time for getting an order. i tried hard & fast. after a few days ago I got an order & delivery it successfully. so I feel a big achievement in my way on freelancing.


Hi @only4wordpress,

the first order is indeed a milestone! I felt so proud too. But remember: If you keep working hard you will get more and more orders and make more and more customers happy - and this feeling is undoubtedly even better than your first gig.

Good luck with that!

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It was a Life time memory. i still remember my first order. The client was very pleased with my work. and the great thing is that he is now my regular client. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the day because it was loooooong time ago, but I did my little happy dance :slight_smile:


Great dance man, :stuck_out_tongue: i danced too, but not like yours :wink:

It is truly a great feeling.