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How did you find out about Fiverr?

So many sellers/buyers found out about Fiverr in many different ways!
Let’s share them here!

I found out about Fiverr when I was looking at this blog post (out of the blue - I wanted to read something :smirk: ) and it was about Fiverr. I got really excited and created an account. I was so happy I found Fiverr because it’s really a dream come true :heart_eyes:

Now it is your turn! Share your story here :smile:


Through eBay. A seller was selling Fiverr clone website service there. I checked what’s Fiverr on Google and after a couple days created an account here.

Wow :smile:
You probably have those moments when you say to yourself “Lucky I was on eBay that day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey there!
A work colleague of mine told me about the website. I could not believe the things you can have on Fiverr, especially those written messages in jungle. Haha! Good luck!

Funny I didn’t know anything nor read anything about fiverr all I was doing was checking google on freelancing jobs then I found fiverr read it and it became a little more interesting so I opened an account now here I am:smile:

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I was looking for ‘How to earn money online’ on Google and one of the blog post mentioned ‘Fiverr’ as an easy way to earn money :sweat_smile: :money_mouth_face:


I am on eBay almost everyday. And no, I don’t call myself lucky for that.

Via search on google and actually I was working before that in Arabic website like Fiverr which it’s for freelancing.

I was a blogger in 2012 and I first heard of Fiverr at that time. It look so different at that time. 2 years after that I made my first purchase and created an account. Still remembered the watermelon dude with message inside that goes by the name “funnymad” or something.

Wow such amazing stories :smile:

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I’m join to fiverr from our Country Amazing Blog.

Its Write @shyamchathuranga .

One of my friend was already an established seller on fiverr.

Upon his recommendation I joined fiverr and luckily have completed 7 times more orders than him. :grinning:

I have found fiverr as a wonderful platform and have earned a handful amount of money and made buyers who are more than friends now. However, life here has not been that easy here on fiverr. I have worked more than 12 hours continuously only for $5 to $10.

But over the time, as I established myself, I was fortunately being blessed with sellers who offer me more than 5 times of the amount I used to charge previously for.

A youtuber ordered something from a seller and got in trouble for it (nothing to do with the seller, just the youtuber themselves) and I happened to see their video. After that I saw a couple other youtubers order things from people which impressed me. I couldn’t believe such a site existed so came to check it myself and apparently it really is real :rofl:

I am always looking around on the internet and found it five years ago somehow. Who cares how I found it.

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I just searched for freelancing websites on Google. Fiverr appeared in the search results, and…well, you know the rest. :smile: