How did you get featured?


I have been on Fiverr for three year and i sold lot of gigs, but my gigs ever begin featured. I Download Fiverr app for my mobile phone and set Show Online.
Reply messages as soon as possible.
Do not delay any order.
Try to get 5 start review by delighting the customers (speed, quality, etc)
But i never been in featured!

So, what did you do to get featured?
Did you use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter?
If you did use social media, where on those social networks did you promote your gigs?

What other methods did you are actually use?



Being featured will not improve your sales, so don’t worry about it. I’ve been featured in the past, and, while it was a neat honor at the time, it didn’t make me more successful. I did that in my own, through hard work and determination.

Just be a great seller. That is reward enough in itself. :slight_smile: