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How did you get your first gig?

I’ve been on Fiverr for a month or so and I still haven’t received an order. I’m getting views but no orders. Any advice, please?


Hi @emilymaeleader, you have to share your gig in Social Media every day and stay online at least 16 hrs per day. Moreover, you have to proper use of your buyer request. Also keep patienc, definitely success will come.


I’m sorry, but this simply isn’t true. We’re almost never online, and we’ve completed over 500 orders. I can honestly say that we didn’t get a single one of these orders by ‘being online’. Buyers reach out to us based on the quality of our gigs, not because we’re online. Focus your time on making awesome gigs instead, I promise you’ll have more success. Install the Fiverr app on your phone, and you can still respond super quick.


We got our first order about 1 day after we set our account up. This was back in April of last year. Sounds great right? But here’s what we did before we set our account up.

In the week before we made our account, we sat down and brainstormed what our clients would want to hear in terms of demos. We then recorded about 20 voiceover demos (our gigs are all voiceover related), and picked the absolute best to put on our profile.

We wrote the best gig description we possibly could. Then we proofread it, edited it, rewrote it until we were happy with it.

We took professional photos and uploaded them. We started work on a video. In total, I reckon we put 5 to 10 hours of preparation into our account in that week, before launching a single gig.

And since then, we’ve re-recorded all of our demos about 4 times (we invested some of our profit into better equipment, which allowed us to create better demos), re-took our photos, totally rewrote our gigs. We’ve done this a few times over the past 18 months.

Honestly… we’re hardly ever online. We have the iPhone app, and that’s how we respond quickly to people. People buy from us because we’ve created good quality gigs, that buyers trust, and we’ve tried to give them all the information that they need to be able to make a decision about us without having to message us.

If I come to buy from you, do your gigs show me your best work? Will they answer all my questions? Will they tell me a little bit about you, so that I can trust you? Don’t get caught up in being online, focus on this (and promotion), and you’ll begin to get orders.


I got my first order about two weeks after I started on Fiverr. It was a buyer who often purchased gigs from new sellers since they were usually cheaper. I was using a real photo of myself as my profile picture and I had carefully written descriptions with plenty of detail.

Your profile seems to have very short descriptions that do not have a powerful appeal. Your profile photo looks like many others on Google. There is enormous competition on Fiverr now. You need high quality gigs, images and sample work.


Hello, two things about your gigs jump out at me.

Your location does not appear to go with the profile picture, which as fonthaunt said seems to be a very standard generic photo. That photo is not believable.

The other thing is that your gig says you will create killer ad copy, yet your gig description reads:

Helping you attract more clients with persuasive words that convert. I can save you time by crafting words into stories that engage to create a killer advertisement and will give you profitable results .

Hit the button and message me to discuss more details

While it’s ok, you have a lot more room to write some killer advertising copy for your own gig so I recommend you use every bit of the space you are given to do just that, to show your ability in writing ad copy. How is anyone going to believe you can actually write killer ad copy when your own gig doesn’t do that?


Thank you, that’s very helpful!