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How did you get your first jobs on Fiverr?

Hi all.

I’ve been trying to work here for more than 1 and a half month. I’ve set everything all right, I’ve prepared pictures, keywords, descriptions, tags, I’ve been online for several hours a day and people don’t even click on my ads.

All I’ve got so far was 3 messages and 1 job done.

In 1 and a half month.
Seriously, guys? ONE JOB?

There must be something I’ve been doing VERY wrong, otherwise I’m living Fiverr.

How were your first jobs? How did they happen?

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Thank you, I’ll be sure to check this out.

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Took a week for me to get my first job and almost two months to get my second, I spent time researching my competition, their pricing, what they were offering, how they presented there product, and in the last two weeks I’ve recieved around 15-20 orders, so, I don’t know. You say you’ve prepared everything but for example, your gig covers look like they could’ve been done in PowerPoint, but the gig claims you’re using Photoshop.

On one of your gigs you start off by saying “I’m new to Fiverr”, why not start off with the experience you DO have, instead of the experience you don’t? You also mention “Hopefully I’ll be able to meet your needs”, but being hopeful isn’t going to get me the product I’d want as a buyer, it says to me you aren’t confident in what you’re selling.

Lastly, I believe there are tests you can take through the profile section for free to verify your knowledge, people can filter sellers based on this, and if you haven’t verified your knowledge then you aren’t going to show up. I took the time to verify my languages and customer service, and in the last two weeks I’ve noticed a very slight increase in impressions/clicks, whether or not it’s resulted in sales, I’m not sure, but it’s worth the effort. Not to mention that there are paid courses you could do for photography and design that at the end will give you badges through the Learn section of Fiverr, although I’m not sure how much this could improve sales.

All in all, I have to say there is so much more you could be doing to improve your odds if you really wanted to, but like many, don’t invest the time and expect immediate sales. Good luck!


I appreciate it that you took a time to give me some feedback.

Although I don’t agree with my description being the problem (as I stated and showed in my print, people DO NOT click on my ads), I think I can change the hopefully part. As for saying I’m new to Fiverr, I thought it was a relevant thing to say because the buyers might find it strange that I don’t have any ratings (well, I have one now from the only order I got).

So my gig covers look like Power Point stuff? Sounds awful. That was the only way I found to showcase my work though (before and after pictures).

Taking classes here on Fiverr are out of the question. The job I offer as a photo retoucher isn’t a new thing and I think my portfolio shown in the link I provide can speak for itself. I sometimes do some courses to improve my skills but overall I’m fine. It’s also been doing fine in other sites. My only problem has been here on Fiverr. But as you stated, I do think my covers might be the problem, since people don’t click on them.

Will surely fix that soon.

Again, I appreciate your advice.

Cheers from Brazil,


I think you gigs are fine, the problem is there are SO many ( and I mean a LOT) of already existing gigs that do the same thing. It would be quite hard to compete with them.

I do agree with the images looking like Power Point, I’m not sure if this will actually help,
but maybe create a slide show video of your work? That way you can show more of your skills. I also read here that some buyers tend to click on gigs with videos.

@laura_pio All Gigs have so many watermarks on picture / thumbnails

To begin, don’t be discouraged! I’ve read countless stories of successful freelancers on here who started their journeys going 1…2…3+ months (and sometimes even up to a year) without meaningful traction.

At the end of the day, victory belongs to the dogged! (you can do this :slightly_smiling_face:)

As for practical tips, I would make a change on your gig, pay attention to your analytics, and revise the strategy if you are not generating more clicks. This could be anything (an improved thumbnail, clearer description, different pricing, etc).

I hope this helps! :smiley:

The buyers don’t click on my ads, so they don’t even know whether I have videos or not. :frowning: But if you are saying buyers tend to click on ads that have videos, that’s certinly a thing to think about. I appreciate it; will try.

But the watermarks are very discreet. You can’t even see them in the thumbnails. Well, at least not when you’re looking at them in your mobile.

Thank you for the encouragement. Very kind of you. <3

I’ll be sure to keep trying.