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How Did you get your First order

Dear friends can you tell how did you get your first order in fiverr……


i have received a direct order from my USA client.


Can we get any orders from buyer requests?

Yes, as a new seller i have received my 70% orders from buyer requests.


how many buyer requests should I send to get first one order…How many did you send for the first order…

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I use all my 10 buyer request everyday.i got my first order after like 200 buyer requests.Just be specific about your gig in your buyer request, read what they are looking for and then send them offer according to it.As a new seller sometimes you have to work for a cheap price sometimes.Be nice and kind with buyer and be specific what you are offering them instead of copy pasted request texts.


Great thanks for sharing your experience.


Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure you can. Most of the sellers here on Fiverr get the bulk of their orders from buyer requests.

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Hello @emmie9t

  1. Try to active Fiverr as much as you can.
  2. Send buyer request professionally ( As a new seller you can’t get buyer request all time, So you need to active Fiverr and waiting for buyer request. NOTE: Buyer request is very important to get the 1st order.
  3. Share your gig on social media proper way.
    I hope you will get an order soon.
    Enjoy and best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @rishaat can you give a feedback to my Gig video

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It happened very quickly and it was for a text logo (back in the day when I thought selling logos on fiverr was good for my health) for some outdoors/extreme sports brand.

I just set up a gig and in a few hours I got an order.


wow it’s amazing :smiley:

through buyer request

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I got it through buyer request.

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how many request send to get the first order

from my experience sometimes it takes 50/100 buyer request to get the first order!

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OK.Thank you very mutch



I also am new seller, but I don’t see any buyer request… Why? If you can please tell me?


hi, I’m also new here, I don’t exactly know how I got my first client/buyer request, but I suggest to always leave your account online, I heard that your gig won’t show up if you’re offline (not sure). You can’t get buyer request/gig order if your potential clients don’t even know your gig exists :slight_smile: