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How did you get your first order?

Hello everyone,

I started on Fiverr a few days ago and I have a question for you:

How did you get your first order?

I am active on this site for about a week now and nobody is interested in my posts, so how can i make my posts famous so people will see my account and buy my services?

thank you in advance!

The same problem despite I am designer with professional and I think it just a matter of time, good luck

Same here. I am a writer but order since I opened a account

mee to face

Ga naar de Fiverr Academy, dan hoef je niet dezelfde vraag te stellen die al duizenden keren is gesteld. Bovendien kan je kijken of iemand anders al een antwoord op dezelfde vraag gekregen heeft voordat je dezelfde vraag stelt. Op jouw manier vervuil je de categorie en toon je dat je te lui bent om in actie te komen. De categorie is ‘Tips for sellers’ en je vraag is geen tip maar gezeur dat zoals gezegd al duizenden keren is gepost en iedereen op de zak gaat. Geen van de ervaren sellers zal nog de moeite doen een antwoord op die vraag te geven. Dus nogmaals, ga naar de Fiverr Academy.
Posts zoals deze kunnen ervoor zorgen dat je verminderde toegang tot het forum krijgt.

I bet you’re just a fat ugly man in dirty, three day old underpants at home waiting for an idiot, really. Probably have acne, a neckbeard and think fedoras are cool as well.

EDIT: this was in response to a since removed spam post. Fedoras are still not cool though, as are crunchy, crinkly old underpants.

If you have just signed up to Fiverr, just create loads of gigs, read everything on the forum and maybe dabble in some black magic for good measure. Then go away, forget about it and wait for your notifications to start pinging.

Buyers are like buses, you won’t see one for ages and then bamb! You’ll have three turn up at once.

That is a truly horrendous thing to say to a new seller @emmaki. You might as well have just sprayed them in acetone and thrown on a match.

I wonder who deleted the spam I was originally responding to, @cyaxrex? It did cross my mind this would happen, but fortune favors the bold…