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How did you get your first sale?

Just want to know the stories :smile:

The success stories of other sellers, won’t make YOU a better seller. Your path to success will always be different than the path other sellers took. It is certainly enjoyably, and sometimes entertaining, to hear the path other people took, but you need to focus on what works for you, and that isn’t something other people can tell you. What works for you will only be determined by the actions YOU take to build your own success.

Your first order is your responsibility, and won’t happen as a result of hearing everyone else’s success stories. Trial and error. Find what works for YOU, don’t compare yourself to everyone else.


Oh! Oh! Hey! you got so serious i was just curious how others start Here No need to get serious.But thanks for the advice i can understand your point.And another thing how do you reply to all of topics so quickly :smile:

I respond when I see new topics that I can be of help in. I don’t have any special powers or strategies. I just respond and participate.

I tend to express a serious demeanor, because many new sellers don’t take Fiverr seriously. They usually seem to see Fiverr as a get-rich-quick site, or an “everyone will do everything for me” site. Neither of those are true, so I encourage them to think seriously. Serious effort usually results in success.


Well you are pretty fast!

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