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How did you got your first order on fiverr


Hey I know lots of pro users of fiverr are here and most of you have made a big sum from fiverr. I’m a fresher on fiverr and havnt received any orders yet. So i just want to know about your experiences …


I make it a rule to try and use all my 10 offers everday in the Buyer Requests section. That’s how I’m getting all my orders so far.


I got my first order thanks to hard work.
No offence but it seems like you haven’t invested enough time in your gigs. Start reading Fiverr Forum and learn from Fiverr Acadamy. You created your account this month and so far you’re read about 3 posts.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but you need to do your homework if you wish to succeed here.


Share your gig and stay online how much you can.


Here’s the link to the academy - hope it helps!