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How did you guys breaktrough?


Hello everybody, Im new here on Fiverr but I know how to work with Photoshop and After effects pretty good. So I just wanted to ask you all how did you sell your first gig, or how long did it take.


Really good question. Same from my side…:ear:


How did we break through and become successful on Fiverr you ask? Well, with luck and a lot of hard work. Many of us marketed and promoted our gigs elsewhere (wherever our target customers are located). We also created captivating gigs that caught the attention of buyers here on Fiverr.

I won’t lie to you, becoming a successful seller is not easy. You can’t just sit back and wait to be successful – you need to be a doer – take risks, experiment, try different things – different prices – and see what works. Proactive sellers are more likely to find success, than those who sit back and do nothing to earn their sales.


Ok, thank you for your great reply. :slight_smile: