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How did you handle your first 4 star rating?

So I just got my first 4-star rating and it kind of bums me out. How do you handle difficult clients and doing everything they ask at all hours until they said yeah we like this, just for 4 stars? I know it isn’t really a bad score but it just threw me off. Any advice on how you deal with ratings and not letting it bother you would be great. !

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Hello! Although I’m a new seller I have a lot of experience with customer service. The way I look at it is that as long as you feel like you put your best foot forward and satisfied all the customer’s requirements than you should be happy at the end of the day. In life there’s ALWAYS going to be difficult people who just aren’t happy for whatever reason. You just have to keep your head held high and know in your heart that you did a great job and you should be proud of that. The big thing is for you to not let it effect your confidence because confidence is what allows you to keep customers happy and for you to feel like you’re putting out good work! Just focus on the positive things/reviews you have and know that customers understnad that people can be difficult so don’t get too hung up on it! Hope this helps!

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I go back and examine every step I took in the project. I look for every potential mistake I made. There are always multiple to locate and consider over time. Then - I try to distill down what I could have done differently.

can we share clients on fiverr. for example you have a project related to my skill can we share it for some percentage. Is it legal in the site we are working with

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4-star is not really bad. It is a good chance for you to evaluate your service to see what you can to to achieve 5 star.
Sometime you may meet a client who has high standard, and his or her high demand may push you a bit but that’s a valuable experience for handling similar clients in future. You may consider editing your gig or adding more FAQ or revision policy.

Sometime you may meet a client who never gives 5 star for everything. I had a client who gave me 4 star and a big tip. She is really polite and generous, and she appreciated my work.
And she still ordered again, and gave a 4 star and a big tip.
Guess I will have accept that and move on.

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didn’t get any ratings yet @insitech

it helps alot to hear from our fellow freelancers to know how they deal with these kind of situations.

keep trying this time will over soon.and business will be back to normal.

Some people are ungrateful and take others for granted. I have 27 4* ratings, it’s fine.

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It’s more annoying in the workplace when they are killing your bonus because of that attitude. At least here it’s just stars. :grin:

Just drown them in dozens of 5* reviews. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: That just may work lol