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How did you make your first sale?

A market place is for buying and selling. Two has to be taken place simultaneously for the market to move on. These days, you need to take your commodity to potential buyers and place it before them.

When I first created my gigs, I did not promote it and I got no sales. I forgot that fiverr has become a huge market place that you have to take your service or even talents to potential buyer.

I used social media to promote my gigs and I just recorded the first sale. Are you a new seller. Learn from my experience. Put an effective marketing strategy in place.

Alright, that is my unique experience. Help others that are just coming in to learn the ropes. Share your experience of how you make your first four dollars. You can even add how you felt seeing the first alert from fiverr in your email box. Let us rub minds together. Let’s set the ball rolling…

My first sale?

I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. I sold a pocket knife to a kid on the school playground for fifty cents. Oh wait… You mean my first sale on Fiverr!

My first sale was a voice over for a book trailer. I didn’t know the Fiverr system at all and my Buyer knew even less. The Buyer asked for all kinds of sound effects, different voices, production values and multiple revisions. Even with my 30+ years of radio, tv and recording studio experience, the gig was an epic undertaking. But I didn’t care. I did a great job and delivered the project late. Got dinged for it too! Soon after as other gigs rolled in, I adapted aspects from my 50 years of personal and corporate business experience with a huge dose of common sense to my Fiverr model, and it became an adjunct piece of my regular voice over business.

Reply to @kjblynx: Where do you promote outside of Fiverr? I don’t do anything :open_mouth:

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

>I sold a pocket knife to a kid LOL

Let’s see, I think I got a dollar or so when I was 6, I gave my mom a shoulder massage

and for the next 15 years or so, that’s how I earned extra money.

OK, enough of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Back when I joined Fiverr, there were not that many gigs offering anime style characters,

so I guess I was pretty lucky.

I was also lucky since one of my buyers told his friends about my gig though Facebook, and I got dozens of orders from his friends, then his friends posted their drawing on Facebook, then the friends’s friend contacted me and placed orders, and it went on and on.

Same thing for my translation gig, back then there were not that many people doing

Japanese/English translation, and me being native Japanese ( but living in the states since I was 3 years old) really made me stand out, so again by the time hundreds of new translation gigs came out, I was already a top rated seller, and having the TRS badge helped me get orders.

So to be honest, I don’t do any promoting. The only I did any promoting was when I

created my new gig 2 weeks ago, and I posted it in the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first Fiverr sale came from a forum post about my gig, been hooked ever since!

My first Fiverr sale was about 2 years ago. I did not know much about Fiverr, but enough to get setup and I just let my gig sit there. I did no promoting. I think it took about a couple days to where someone came across my gig and decided to take a chance on getting a flyer made.

Reply to @kjblynx: Nice sharing!

Hey.I’m pretty new here ,got my first sale when i added my first gig ,ever since i am inloved with fiverr :D. Good Luck on your sales

Reply to @kjblynx: Hmm that’s ashame! How do you promote on twitter? I feel like nobody actually sees that

I just started with fiverr two months ago. I didn’t do any promoting but got my first sale a couple of days after I posted the gig, and it was only because I could do the gig in one day. After that, it was almost all word of mouth amongst my buyers. I have a lot of repeat business, although sales have slowed down over the past week. I would like to promote outside of fiverr, but I need to think about how to approach that.

I lurked the forum first thing. I took every bit of direction that was offered and headed into new forums where my gigs would make sense to talk about. I found related groups on FB and linked my gigs, as well as, reached out to sheriffs and top rated sellers to introduce myself and show respect. The work was already done for me- and that leads to the comprehensive threads that break down promoting and sustainability.

I really started 27 days ago when someone asked me to customize their StudioPress theme, which I did not have a gig for. I set up the gig and today, 27 days later, I became a Level 2 Seller.

Fiverr has had my full attention for the past 27 days. I did not plan this or see it coming.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the person who asked me to do something I had not thought of providing as a service on Fiverr. I do full service web design off of Fiverr and now realize that there is a way for me to help people who can’t afford full service prices.

I’m also grateful for the many customers I have had over these 3 weeks, because all have helped me to become a Level 2 Seller.

I have learned a lot in this forum. It has helped me to change my gig description and make changes to the way I service my customers.

Thanks to All and Happy Thanksgiving!


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My first sale was through the buyers request here on fiverr.

I can’t believe that I’ve been on Fiverr for almost a year now. My first sale was just a few months ago though. From there they just rolled in and I’ve been doing 1 every couple of days or so.

It helps when you like what you do though and I don’t promote my gigs outside of Fiverr at all but I do value every order that comes in. Treat each customer well and they’ll come back. About 50% of my sales are repeat.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for sharing your insight!

i didn’t get any sales since i made my gig only yesterday but i hope someone will notice me :smiley:

but i have to start thinking about promoting my self outside fiverr, which will take a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue:

Promote on Social media would be helpful for the first sale… @};-

it all started a thursday, i was looking at some cards and all of the sudden i started thinking random stuff, then decided to take it to fiverr, so far it has been great! People love my videos tellin’ them the future and stuff and even when im wrong we all LOL and continue with the session cuz its fun.

Then one day i was driving and ran over a rabbit, took it home and cooked it, realized im good at drawing, the ghost of the rabbit told me this as i ate it.

Boom , decided to do drawing gigs and now im a top rated seller or at least for the rabbit , that is.

Its all about not caring really, this will give you great sales.

Someone orders your gig and didnt read? tell them to eat a cookie and cancell the gig, this confussion will make you popular among buyers. Just joshing.

When I started some years ago, buyers found me by browsing; didn’t promote back then. Got 2 gigs. Years afterward when I started up again, I managed to a sell; a lot of competition.

I started with illustration and then switched to writing. Haven’t got anything recently even with promoting but based on my research, my chosen category is a bit saturated. Just don’t give up and keep at it.