How did you pick your "Delivery Time"?


I’d like to request tips from people on setting your delivery times. How long is your delivery time, have you changed it over the life of your gig, does your set time differ from your actual average delivery time?



I adjust the time constantly, actually, to accomodate for workloads, weekends and personal issues, etc. Sometimes it’s really long - currently it’s 29 days on one of my gigs because I used to get 15-20+ orders a day and I couldn’t keep up. Believe it or not, at one time, my gig was 4 days! Now I’ve sold almost 3K and i can’t keep up with demand, but I am trying so hard! Sometimes I offer faster turnaround for an “extra” but somedays I get so many orders I can’t even do that. I wish I could but things in life just aren’t letting me finish my orders as fast as I once did.

I know customers hate long turnarounds but … until fiverr allows us to CAP order amounts, I think I have to do this or I get way too many orders. I don’t want to disable my gig, that’s for sure! Too many return clients I can’t lose.

I really wish fiverr would let us cap order amounts… that way I wouldn’t have to worry so much and it would help prevent the surprise “Bulk” order without them asking first. Sometimes that really puts a dent in my queue and I get a little stressed. Yeah, MadMoo, I agree, I’m the same way and I always worry “WHAT IF I GET SICK???” :stuck_out_tongue:


Capping order amounts is a REALLY good suggestion!!! I know I’m lucky to have so many people buying my gigs but I don’t like to get overwhelmed.

I increase/decrease delivery time depending on how many orders I get and how much other work I have going on, but at a certain point the orders can overwhelm you.


^^Have to agree, Uniquefivex. I actually have my gig paused right this minute because of the number of orders issue. I do sometimes wish I could set an automatic threshold for number of orders.


@StoryTeller, no wonder you have so many orders. You totally niched it up. Well, done. You have 16 in queue. So much to learn from how you set up your business. I’d love to see the gigs you have suspended.

I also like how you did your gigextras.


storyteller I’m personally afraid to pause my gig ever again… I did it once a long time ago when I got overwhelmed and I completely lost my ranking in the fiverr search engine somehow and had to ask tech support for help because I didn’t get ANY orders in more than a week… that was scary! Considering I was pulling 10-15+ a day before that :(… so now I just fight my way through my queue and try not to get overwhelmed. LOL


I had no idea about the lost of rank! That’s solid info, Graphix.


I started out at 5 days, then bumped myself to 10 days and then settled in for the 10 days which I am at not. This guarantees I will have weekends to work on a family tree (I have a day job) as for asking for tips I hate doing it but the gig is there, every blue moon someone will place tip in my jar


Reply to @madmoo: I do the same thing with the delivery time.

I also add order caps and make the delivery time 29 days to off put bad buyers for my writing gig. I also say that I write under 200 words per gig, when in reality I’ve never delivered under 500.

So if you want to control the flow of gigs you can always do this :smiley:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I just add a little message in the description asking to contact me before ordering if the queue is over 12. Works out pretty well :slight_smile:


I wonder if it is possible for Fiverr to auto calculate the delivery time. For instance, if we state a lead-time of 3 days and set a cap at 3 orders, then the Fiverr system calculates and adjusts the delivery time for next set of 3 orders, and so forth. This will really work for me.

I think they can work out the algorithm to factor in the extras as well.


My delivery times change all the time. At the moment they sit on 4 since I regularly take Wednesdays and Sundays off so I can make sure I get to take those days off. They have been 22 days in the past because I was away for two weeks but didn’t want to take my gigs down - I put a note on my profile stating why I had that long wait time. I did get a buyer rudely ask why my gig had 22 days because others were offering much shorter times.

I tend to stick to 7 days or less though if I can. I don’t do mine on the day though since I usually have other work. I set up my working day the night before so, unless there’s time, so Fiverr jobs get moved onto the next day or the day after that. If I can empty my queue then I happily will do though.


Reply to @choochypuss: I have a note to say if they would like to order more than three at a time (two at a time on my more popular gigs) then to contact me first. It doesn’t always happen but I rarely cancel (even though I say I will) unless there is a stupid amount order. One buyer ordered 16 in one go without following any of my instructions. Needless to say, they were cancelled with a note to say please order in blocks if he/she wanted to order again.


My delivery time changes with my mood and when I feel I need to update my gig. I need to update the video presentations fairly soon. Especially the Fiverr blog one. I think the main issue I have is people see my delivery time and sometimes choose express gigs. I think that express gigs are for people in a rush. If I want quality and I don’t see a large queue I’m willing to wait. :slight_smile:


Customcr3ationz, I love it!

I can see myself consulting my emotional state!

hehehehe! Thanks for such permission to be that involved in resetting deadlines whenever I need / wish to.


I also can usually produce my finished product within one to two days, but I give myself from 5 days to 20 days for longer more complicated legal contracts, just to have some wiggle room. I appreciate it personally if I don’t have to rush to the computer within hours, as I’m a single parent, with a full time job and a heavy social life. :slight_smile: