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How did you pick your “Delivery Time”?

I’d like to request tips from people on setting your delivery times. How long is your delivery time, have you changed it over the life of your gig, does your set time differ from your actual average delivery time?


That’s a really great question! I’d be interested to know how other people pick theirs too. :slight_smile:

As for me, I pick delivery time based on personal convenience. I only do Fiverr on the side, in addition to my full-time job, so I do at least 3-5 day delivery to ensure I have enough time that I don’t feel like my normal life is interrupted. Also, I feel like I can then justify charging more for express delivery; if my normal delivery time was shorter, I don’t think anyone would pay extra for express delivery.

@shery2011 Most of the gigs are short 'n sweet, so you’d want to make it as little as one day, if possible.

@amandygran Although it’s true that you’d have to have a longer delivery time listed so you can justify charging for express delivery, it’s good to keep in mind that there are competitors who do offer the same service with a faster turnaround time. You might consider using the following:
Go to Selling > My Gigs > click on the gig and toggle the ‘Limit orders in queue’ setting to be on so you never get overwhelmed, and take unpredictability out of the equation. Hope this helps with your work-life balance!

Thanks you for sharing your delivery times…

Thanks you for sharing your experience with us Thanks a lot dear …

Same here.
but I am always trying to deliver as soon as possible.

Very nice words dear great strategy

From the beginning I’ve offered 24 hour delivery only because I think it gave me a competitive edge to start getting orders in such a large pool of voiceover offerings. I’ve told myself I’ll switch to 3 day delivery only after completing 500 orders or something…hopefully that happens soon because it is certainly challenging to keep up with 24 hr and still have a life.
That being said, I do state that if scripts are longer (500 words or more), delivery may be up to 48 hours and so far that hasn’t been a problem with anyone. Otherwise they just order my extra rush option to begin with and I do it first anyways.

Delivery wise, I typically don’t deliver longer than 14-20 hours of an order being submitted, at most. Usually within 8 hours if it’s a basic 5.00 gig.

I think you have to go with the flow; always over-deliver and impress to get those sales and loyal customers who not only come back to you, but refer you to other customers too!

If you get a bad-apple buyer, in my opinion, just bite your tongue and give them what they want (within reason). There not all like that and it pays off in the long run.

I’ve upped mine from 3 days to up to 7 days depending on how busy I’ve been. A shorter delivery time means more sales and less “ME” time.

I change it up based on how much or little I feel like working and I set my express delivery costs to something much higher than it should be… That way if anyone does “interrupt” my schedule , its worth it.

I typically wait to turn all my orders in based on the timer of the one going “late” first. So if my gigs are set for 4 day delivery times… I turned them in every 4 days. Some clients wait 4 days , some clients wait 1 or 2 days with this system. Nobody complains about waiting the full 4 days and if they do , it’s silly of them. And the ones who get it earlier think the world of such a high quality order delivered sooner than 4 days… So … great reviews happen.

Thats my secret.

Do whats comfortable… Set your expectations within the gig description. Let your clients know everything they need to know (to make your life comfortable) … you’re in the driver seat … remember that.

PS: The customer is NOT always right. Whoever thinks that can shove it lol.

You’re completely correct, I have plenty of competitors out there. However, about 80% of my orders come from referrals, so I’m not worried about losing low-quality $5 customers to my competitors over a few days of extra peace of mind for me.

As for limiting orders in queue, that’s something that I only do when I have multiple standing orders already. Since mine usually trickle in on a custom order basis, it hasn’t become handy (yet!) but thank you!

I love this part of your post: “Nobody complains about waiting the full 4 days and if they do , it’s silly of them. And the ones who get it earlier think the world of such a high quality order delivered sooner than 4 days… So … great reviews happen.”

I completely agree with this! People are so impressed with me when I deliver a 5 day gig after 3 days that they leave glowing reviews, and then they refer their friends to me. I think people who have purchased from Fiverr more than once understand that the best work available isn’t always available in 24 hours or less for a mere $5. At least with the little niche I’ve carved for myself, my customers seem satisfied with the notion that more time = higher quality and less risk.

I usually look at how much time it would take me to do the order and then add 1 or 2 days onto it. That way if anything should interrupt my ability to work in real life, I’ve got enough time to get back on it.