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How Did YOU Start on Fiverr?

Hey guys!

I’m fairly new to Fiverr, having only just opened an account about 6 days ago now, and I am looking forward to working with new clients and expanding my voice over business.

My goal with Fiverr is to offer my services to companies and clients on a budget as I do offer my professional (more expensive) services to clients I work with normally, but from my experience, I understand that small companies and those freelance businesses or small businesses that are just starting out can’t afford expensive talent, so I am trying to offer to THOSE clients as well and expand my clientele.

I was wondering, from those of you that have had experience. What is YOUR story, and how do things normally start out? What did it look like at first, and when did you start to see orders start coming in on their own, as opposed to having to market yourself out for the majority of the day?

Thanks guys! I look forward to the feedback, and my goal is to eventually make Fiverr a good part of my business, and a more active part of my day’s work schedule!

I started after seeing a video of someone else talking about the site and I was intrigued. I started researching it more and decided I definitely wanted to try and earn some money on Fiverr.

It’s hard to say when I first started seeing a healthy stream of orders. At first it was on and off mainly because I was experimenting with different gigs, but after I found one that worked the orders started coming in more frequently.

I would recommend experimenting quite often with your gigs and their titles, descriptions and tags. Also make sure you have a video. Even if your gig is amazing, it’s no good if no one is seeing it!

It may take a little bit to build up on Fiverr, but if you’re consistent and keep on experimenting, you’ll see results and it’s totally worth it!

I appreciate the feedback soccerpro!!

I started on fiverr after being being referenced by my old friend who is still working here

Hi @voiceoverfun,

Welcome to Fiverr.

I too just got started. In fact I just finished writing my 30 days experience here,

I hope you find it useful.

I’m sure you’ll find much success here on the platform.

Looking forward to your 30 day follow up as well.


Thanks Jamie, I appreciate it, if things go well, I will be placing my story up!

I was looking for a good freelance site so I stumbled apon fiverr…so far even with no sales I love the site just because of the environment…I look forward to a future of using fiverr.