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How did you Verify Identity?

Hey everyone,

I’m having a headache trying to get my identity verified with Fiverr. It’s gone to Customer Support, and they repeatedly have to keep sending me new links with the ‘same’ instructions each time on how to do it. How did you guys do it? This is what I did for mine:

I picked Driver’s License and took the picture in the following manner:

  • Well lit and made sure there was no reflections or glare on the card.
  • All words were clearly readable and the corners were not cut off.
  • Placed card on a blank white piece of paper

For my Selfie I:

  • Went into the bathroom and stood against white tile as my background.
  • Made sure I was absolutely well lit
  • Took a close up headshot with me looking directly at the camera

What was your experience like, how did CS help you? What did you do to get your ID verified?

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I recommend reading this:


Hey Smashradio, thanks for replying!

I actually read it, but I don’t think it’s relevant anymore since when you access the verification link, it requires you to use your phone and doesn’t allow for any uploads or gallery selections. That is, unless you of course take a picture of a picture, but there lies the issue of perhaps my camera not pumping out the best quality.

Which phone model are you using?

Then I don’t think that you read all replies in that topic :thinking: I remember I also shared my experience on that topic and I never used any uploads and made it directly on my phone camera.

Which phone model are you using?

I’m using an Iphone 7.

Then I don’t think that you read all replies in that topic.

There are like 100+ replies to that topic so no, I didn’t think the answer would be embedded into a topic that noted the proper way was to upload edited pictures which I cannot do. I guess while I wait I can comb through those replies in hopes for an answer.

Did you have no issues when you used your mobile uploads?

Edit: Literally 50’ish messages down, a user notes that ONLY the androids have the gallery upload option. The remedy there was switching to an android phone which… unfortunately I do not have. I think I’ll have to phone a friend.

I literally made it in 4 min on my back then iphone6 without uploading photos but just taking photos on it

But I’m glad that you invested your time into reading the replies in order to solve your problem.

Did you do anything special for the background when you took the photos?

I’ve tried the method of using a white background to no avail. The state’s license has one of those shiny graphics embedded on the main photo which might be throwing the facial algorithm off. I also had a darker background with my face lit up as well which still didn’t work.

I didn’t do anything special. I was in a rush and took photo of my id on the bed and selfie somewhere in the room but with a bright day light


Thanks anyways, I think I’ll just have to keep grinding it out with CS to get it done.

Wow, that sounds complicated. Hope this never happens to me! :joy:

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After three ADDITIONAL attempts to get it verified through their algorithm, the CS representative finally just forward this matter to the relevant team to review it by human eyes and I was verified pretty much instantly.

Somehow, I wish they would have just done this in the beginning.

There is an app you can get that allows you to view your downloads.