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How difficult it is to get 1 sales a day on an average gig?


I listed 80 gigs ideas. Some are already in fiverr gigs list. I am thinking what if I get 1 sales a day from my 80 gigs- I will make $320 a day.

All the gigs are automated. I don’t have to work for hours to create a gig. Some will take only 10-15mins. All the gigs are for IMers. So I think they have the market here and the selling potential.

I am newbie here. So, I don’t have the realistic view of the sales graph of fiverr. So, can I expect to make 1 sales a day for every gigs? How difficult it is?


Yes. If you have gigs that are in demand in a skill that you are really good at, you can make money here. But, It is like any self employment work. the work load will fluctuate.

The challenge with automated gigs is that if anyone can do it and it is effortless than competition will typically drive the price down and the fill the demand and leave you with less orders.

Good luck!


YOu have one gig on your profile, what is all this 80 gigs all about. One is for selling eBook templates, which look like the kind you can download for free.