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How difficult or easier it was for sellers to start selling their services in 2010?

Hi. I was just curious about how difficult or easier it was for sellers to start selling their services in 2010, when Fiverr was made? Do we have someone here, who started selling in 2010 and can name himself as a successful seller until now? I would love to see their profiles or hear their stories! Please, tell us about it! I love to hear stories. ~O)

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Because I started to sell on Fiverr only 3 weeks ago, I was really jealous about lucky sellers, who started selling in 2010. I was like 'Wow! Can you imagine how many positive reviews you would have?! How much money would you make?! :-B "

I am close to 500 reviews though I have completed more than 600 orders. And I joined in 2012. It wasn’t until last year that I started getting more orders because of the web development. So until last year, I only had around 100 reviews.

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Reply to @kay2809: So, are you recommending to find your own niche and stick to it? I just wanted to know, was it back then like you post a gig and orders is starting to go to your inbox :slight_smile: Was it easier to start? Had you notice any differences? Are you still receiving new orders after the latest update on the site? *I saw a lot of people that were complaining about it.

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: No way it was easier for me. For about 2 years, I almost lived in crisis here. 2-5 sales in a month. In the first year I had a regular client but he stopped ordering soon.

I had my focus on totally different subject for the career then.

Then last year in January I created the javascript gig. Just to see how it goes. In 1-2 days I got my first order. And I was lucky to have such a nice buyer for the first order. I don’t know if it was luck or what. But after that I was flooded with regular orders.

Next month I went for an interview for some other job and asked around $150/month for the salary. Fortunately I wasn’t selected or else I would have been still there with just $200/month.

Now I make a lot more than that here from home. Learning and improving everyday.

When people see TRS tag they just think that we are lucky. Well they just see what we are right now but not what we did to achieve it.

I still have no idea what sells here the most. I will suggest everyone to offer everything that they are good at and later filter out the ones which sell more.

I have 10 gigs suspended which I used to sell before. They didn’t go well. So I focused on the ones that were working for me.

Reply to @kay2809: Thank you! Amazing story. In Ukraine the average salary is about $200-300 a month, so I really hope to make this amount on Fiverr. I’ve already have some nice results. I made $40 in 3 weeks. I really need to make it at least $200, so I can eat and drink on my own. But I’m glad that it’s not $0.

Hey! What about others? Please, tell us about your story. I think that people who registered in 2010 and started to make money, just continue to do it and don’t bother themselves with the forum. B-)

Sellers come and go. I started in October of 2011 just like you. There were a lot of providers ahead of me. I provided really good work, worked really hard, and built reviews. You have to remember that as the providers grow, the traffic may also be growing. As we build a better reputation as a community, people will be willing to spend more with gig extras and custom quotes.

If people aren’t excellent at what you do, the rest doesn’t matter. Find something you are awesome at.

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Reply to @volodymyrpro7: That’s great! In the US it’s about $50-$100 a day to take care of expenses. Good luck here on Fiverr.

Reply to @landongrace: It will be great when I start to make 300$ per month! B-)

Reply to @landongrace: The problem is that $200-300 a month is a minimum amount of money to live in Kyiv. You will struggle with poverty, but you won’t die. For a comfortable and normal living you should earn $1000 a month.

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Right, so not real different. It’s all the accumulation of stuff. I think it’s amazing how hard we work for the “stuff” we have. And when we move, we can get it all in 1 moving truck. Seems like a lot of work. I would much rather keep life simple. Then I don’t have the expensive therapy.

Reply to @landongrace: Thank you! I do my best of the best! ~O)

Reply to @landongrace: I’m a minimalist. But still, I’m 24 and I couldn’t afford iPhone or Macbook. I don’t want them because of the brand, but because they are really comfortable to work. I also like the design. All these small differences make you work better. It’s really important to have a good environment. But, yeah, we can keep it simple. We can be mobile and efficient.

So, what about others? I found so many people on the web, who started in 2010, but they are no longer selling on Fiverr. Why? Could anyone tell me?

i see Fiverr one unpredictable site where one has to be careful mostly when promoting our gigs on social site, if you by mistake share your gig on a pornographic site alter fiver rule in one way or the other, this may make your sales to run down that is if your account is not totally banned.


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Most people didn’t know about fiverr in 2010. By 2013 there was a big crowd buying like crazy. But fiverr hadn’t developed all the extras they have now. So it was hard to make much money. Plus customers were still thinking “5 dollars” so something that was $15 was extremely expensive. Now there are people making a good living on Fiverr. That used to be quite rare.

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I did okay in fiverr when it first started – I came on a year after their launch. I did okay with the recreational service I provided (poetry writing). It was starting to get neglected and they didn’t have vacay mode so I shut down the account.

Some time later I started a new account with a single job offering illustration services. Got a single sale that came with modification. The site is great for actual professional services because some one is almost always looking for them. When it comes to poetry writing services its difficult know compared to years ago; the category is fairly saturated and you have to do it a lot to stand out from the crowds.

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: I started in the latter part of that year but had a hard time with time management – was enrolled in school at the time. I closed the account and opened a new one years later once I got things squared out on my end.

They probably aren’t selling here any more because the market they specialized in either became saturated or something came up where they had to stop participating on the site.

Thank you all for all of your answers! :slight_smile: Yeah, I didn’t realise that the site were different from now. It can be the real reason to all my questions.