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How difficult was to get your first order?

I am on fiverr since december (2014) and didn’t get orders until 25th may. Since that I got 4orders in two weeks.

How difficult was for you to get your first order?

That’s a great question. Well I registered on the platform and I spent the 1st 2 days researching how to make my gigs, reading forums and basically getting to know the buyers and the competition. Then I made my gigs. I guess I got lucky because my 1st customer was very helpful and completely understood the fact that I’m new and I don’t know how things work here yet. I found him here on forums and he was very disappointed of the sellers so I wanted to show him that not everyone is that way.

Reply to @digitalcuky: I saw you are member since may and already have 19 reviews. It’s very nice. :slight_smile:

@nm99602 thanks if you need any help with your gigs let me know we could help each other progress

Reply to @digitalcuky: Thank you!

For me it took a while, but once they started coming in they really came in fast! Hang in there and it’ll pick up!


i am new in fiverr please help me to get work i am a photo restoration artist

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i am new in fiverr please help me to get work i am a photo restoration artist

Reply to @thebooklady: I noticed the same. Nothing for months, but now I get orders almost every day.

Hi everybody, i got my 1st order at the very first day and became level one with in 31st day and level 2 within 60 days. Its because i am providing entrepreneurs favorite things like article creation, logo designs, promotional video creation etc. You must do a deep search about the things people really want, especially start up companies. Then create an awesome display picture and a professional video. videos convert 220% more than pictures. Optimize your description and filled with search keywords. Promote your gigs using twitter, FB, Pinterest etc. Use your extra gigs. Keep your rating 99-100%. Now i am earning more than $1000 a month. Follow these simple rules and you guys will definitely reach your point. Happy gigging…

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Reply to @graphicempire: Very nice work. Thank you for these helpful tips!