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How do a report a seller


a seller was actually bullying me, and i stood up for my self. but now this person contacted fiverr saying i was bullying them! and fiverr restricted my account and took their side, they didnt even ask me about anything!
the seller is mad because i gave them 1 star but really mad because i caught them trying to scam me.
please help me report this seller

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Fiverr can see the conversation between you and that seller. Fiverr, therefore, does not need to ask you anything. Everything they need to know to make a judgement on the matter is already written in the order dialogue.

Perhaps Fiverr “took the side of the seller”, because you used harsh language; perhaps you were rude, or, perhaps the seller really did have the stronger argument.

Just because you feel wronged, doesn’t mean that you did nothing wrong.

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actually it was an ongoing thing and i didn’t use harsh language. Fiverr even saw that they did not delver the work


My point is/was, Fiverr tries to be impartial. They would not have sided with the seller, unless there was a valid reason to do so. It would seem that the seller was right in this case, because Fiverr chose to support their side of your dispute.

I hate to say this in situations like this, but the buyer is not always right.

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How exactly does a seller bully you? I really do not know exactly what transpired between you and the seller but hearing Fiverr took the side of the seller and restricted your account really is a first. You surely must have crossed your boundaries.


im not saying i was right but i’m also saying noone said anything to me other than i am now blocked from buying and selling on fiverr. I didn’t even have a chance to report the seller in the first place if i had the chance to report the seller it wouldv’e turned out differently in the first place. I also don’t think fiverr is being the good guy either, but there’s no need to keep responding you obviously want to antagonize the situation further. thanks for your help :slight_smile: I’m asking for help not ridicule lets not forget my original post.


I did not mean to antagonise, it was just the first time I would hear Fiverr took the side of a seller over a buyer. Maybe you contact CS, if they did restrict your account they probably must have given you a reason or better still just calm down check the whole conversation again and objectively look at where you must have gone against Fiverr TOS.

Hopefully, you can appeal and get your account back.


What sense does it make to report them. Plus, nobody knows the details of what happend.
Plus, everything @jonbaas said.

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I heard first like @datwriterguy that Fiverr stay to Sellers side. Maybe there was something wrong with your conversation @eyemsoeyeze.


Wow. The fact that you were blocked from buying and selling says a great deal about your situation. It says that you most definitely DID do something wrong. And what you did was so inappropriate, that Fiverr not only sided with your seller, but also blocked you from using their site.

I think it’s time to stop playing the “it’s not fair” card. It was fair. You either broke some major rules, were seriously harassing your seller, or inappropriately offended Fiverr staff. Fiverr does not ban people from using their site unless they do something worthy of such a ban.