How do brand-new users with no sales be rated level 1?


I have been a member of Fiverr for 3 years. Since the early days. I previously offered gigs and did pretty well. Was up to level 2. I then stopped for a while.

Since then, my rating has been removed altogether. I am creating new gigs and am already doing well. I still have to wait a few more days to reach level 1. But the thing is, I am seeing MANY users with no sales, being members for only a couple months, and they are level one. How is that possible?

I even went to a forum members gig to help her figure out why she has only one sale for 1 gig out of all 4 of her gigs. She’s been a member for 4 months, with one sale, and is rated rank 1. What’s that about? Does Fiverr not like me? My gigs are freaking awesome! LOL!

Anyone have any insight?


Those people with Level One probably gained that status from previous gigs that they either deleted or suspended. It’s just something you can’t see.

But I don’t have an answer for your loss of ranking… might want to contact Fiverr directly on that :-/

Good luck!



As far as you losing your rank it’s because you were inactive for a while. Fiverr says in the fine print that you have to stay active to keep ratings.

So I am really new to fiverr and the way I did it was for extra request I made them order extra fiverrs. I have only had 2 clients but I still received Level 1. Some people don’t like that but it’s the same thing as being in a higher level with extra perks.

You will get your ratings back though, good luck!


Once you lose your rank, you can’t get it back. My advice is to disable this account(talk with support) and then make a new account, you have a 3 years experience and it will be easy for you go get at level 2 fast.




Thanks everyone. My rank rose from 78% to 85% as of today. That was after about a month of of orders. I had a handful of customers, but I do have them buy multiple gigs in order to get extras. That helped boost my number of orders and my customer feedback.


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Hey IRap, my friend lost his levels for inactivity. Then after one sale, pop, they returned. Now he does have 100% rating, so I cannot speak to the effect of your 85%

Could you go back to the unhappy people and offer a refund for removal of negative rating?


That is very pathetic of the spammer above to come all the way here to complain about something that could have been solved if he went to the customer support!