How do busy Fiverr sellers manage their gig orders when they get a lot?


I am starting to get busy on Fiverr. Finally and not a complaint, but the email client needs more organization tools for gig orders. Do you use Excel or some kind of project management tool?



Yes, I use Excel and treepad to manage my orders.


Reply to @madmoo: Wow thanks for the tip on how to use the star feature :slight_smile:


I have a diary beside me all the time and mark down the due date for all my jobs in red. Then I plan my day the night before in black with those due dates in mind. I work in many different places so its the easiest way to keep me on track. I also have Microsoft Outlook running on my computer everyday and use the calendar on there which sets alarms for me so I’m remind four hours before a deadline (eight hours if the deadline will be overnight) to make sure that it is completed and I haven’t accidentally missed something.


Reply to @goodworker123: What is tree pad. I never heard of it.


Reply to @madmoo: Does pausing a gig do anything to the search ratings for that gig?


Reply to @aingham69: Wow, you are really organized and it looks like you have a good system.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Treepad is a product of since 1995


I use an Access database to track fiverr work, same method for my outside work. I keep revenues and expenses in QuickBooks making monthly and annual book-keeping very easy. However, a basic Excel spreadsheet would work, or keep a log in a word document.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: I love MS Access and the fact that you use Quickbooks to track your revenues and expects is a professional way to work.


Great tip - I look at ALL my orders as they come in. In some cases, I need to ask a question or get clarification, so the earlier I look at the order, the sooner I get answers and can therefore keep things moving.


Right now I have 8 family trees to start, what I do is start with the one who has the closest due date and work my way down.


Hey this may be a great idea for a gig, code an application that has features more sophisticated than the sales management tool in Fiverr. But if only Fiverr opens up its API :slight_smile:


How about an app that does the work for me? Too much?


I’m not afraid of many orders…as long as I have orders… but unfortunately that isn’t happening at the moment


I use excel and created alerts using it so I know what orders needs to be done first and so on.


Start on the gigs which are soon due and work on them from there. Inform other buyers you will get to theirs.



Reply to @rodesigners: Yeah, it seems that way for me too, but we’ll both start having our gigs pile up!


When I find myself getting really busy with lots of orders building up in queue, I suspend the gigs that take more time and energy (like my transcriptions), but leave the small easy ones (like tweeting things and writing comments). Then I obviously do any pressing orders, or get a bunch of small ones out of the way to minimize how many open orders I have. The fewer the better, as a clear space lets me work faster and feel more accomplished. After doing all that, I just complete them in order of which is due first.


Reply to @Helena8664: But do you notice your gig slipping below the search rankings when you suspend them?