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How do buyer get their VID ranking?

A “top” buyer selected my gig and put in the requirements “I will send you the requirement later”, they never came until I wrote something I researched from the internet and sent it to him. We are at the fourth revision and each time he drip-feeds more information but does not answer the question I have been asking every time. I am surprised he is a “Top Buyer” and a V.I.D.


Top buyer or VIDS are just decorations, means nothing literally.

It is just a profile bubble with another blue bubble next to the name.

Treat it as any other buyer.



In other words, the only known qualifier is ‘big spender’. This does not mean they’re good clients, just that they know how to use a credit card.


Back when VID sellers were called Top Rated Buyers I got the designation after spending $100 on Christmas presents.

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It is awesome

"Just that know how to use a credit card"

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“Very Important Doers” it is an exclusive complementary to mention most experienced Fiverr buyers, who order frequently and regularly.

I recently got a VID invitation and I’ve bought 34 gigs and spent a total of $426 (without service fees), if that can be used as an indication.

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So. the requirements have changed since I was a Top Rated Buyer.

That can’t be a fixed threshold, otherwise nearly all my returning buyers would be VID’s, since most of my gigs are above that price.

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In that case maybe it’s the number of people you work with. I only have one repeat seller (repeated once), so I guess it’s also the number of unique people you buy from?

Hahaha, what if there are more than one person who decides on who gets the VID and they have their own metrics they use to decide on that? :joy:

I think they are picked by a team.

Maybe a voting system too, hmm :thinking:

Not so sure how V.I.D.s get their ranking exactly, but I’m a proud one. The welcome email looked like this:

Been a “top buyer,” whatever that means, for a long while as well. I’ve always been a regular personal spender on Fiverr, but since the pandemic started, it’s become a place for a lot of business transactions as well. I believe I got the status sometime at the beginning of December 2020.

Never had the pleasure of working with one as a seller, though (I’d say I’m more of a buyer than a seller on here as of late anyway due to having to cut back on freelance hours for the corporate job I also love).

The most helpful feature is definitely how the “concierges” will help pre-vet sellers for you, but I also have many sellers I’ve been working with regularly, so it really comes most in handy when I’m buying a service for the first time.

I agree with @marinapomorac that it’s just sort of a decoration, but Fiverr sure knows how to make a gal feel special despite it. :princess:

I’m sad to see that many sellers have been having terrible experiences with V.I.D. My transactions are nothing but smooth, but I’m also a bit compulsive about filling order requirements up, have good, clear conversations with sellers, and do smaller orders before jumping into bigger projects. Still, I wonder if anyone I’ve never worked with has had a secret anxiety over me due to past experiences with other V.I.D.s :woman_facepalming:

'Tis a shame, and I hope you get the opportunity to work with better buyers!


I wouldn’t worry about that. While actually the worst Fiverr experience I’ve ever had with a (wannabe) buyer (luckily didn’t order directly, so I could block them - and I hardly ever block anyone, apart from spammers) was with a “Top Buyer”, I don’t judge by badges but by behaviour, and I guess most sellers do, or at least the ones you’d want to work with, anyway.

Same as with seller badges, badges are badges, and while they may be something to be proud of, or that might influence some people, what counts is the person behind the badge, their behaviour and attitude.


Not me! All of them have been fantastic!

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