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How do buyer requests increase/differ per level?

Hi, I just leveled up to Level One, and I noticed that I am seeing way more buyer requests than I used to get when I was No Level. I also noticed that I can see how many offers were sent to a particular BR and when it was posted.
I also noticed that a BR seems to show up after one day (maybe 24 hours) from the publishing time, I saw a dude who mentioned the date of publishing his BR in his description, yet, I see that it was posted the day after.
What would change in the Buyer Requests section if I go Level Two? would they increase? would they show up earlier to me?
Also, when 20 sellers send offers to one BR, how do they rank to the buyer, is it first come, first served, does any of them have any advantage over the other? what are your experiences with this guys, I would love to hear them, I mean, read them ^^


Check this out: for helpful information.

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That was helpful indeed.
Here is the sentence I found most helpful “higher level sellers may see more BR than level 1 sellers

Thanks ^^

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congratulations bro for level up:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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