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How do buyer requests work?

I’m new on fiverr, I created a gig and I got 0 orders on it. But I noticed something on the buyer requests, what do they mean? I saw about 20 offers of people asking me to do stuff, most of them which I couldn’t do, I answered some positively but I don’t know if I should make them or not? Because I can’t even chat with my buyers or how they’re called.
Thank you in advance.

I’ve done one request, how can I then send it to the person?

When you see a request that you can do, make an offer. Once the accept the offer, you can perform the work and a link will how on the order page for you to send the product.

How do I know if someone accepted my offer?

They will message you to discuss it further or place an order, in which case it will show up on your Dashboard…

ok thank you

Hi idiboy,
You can use the Buyer Requests feature below the selling tab to find some requests that buyers may need from sellers like you and me in the category that you are currently offering your gigs. You have 10 avaliable opportunities each day to send an offer to 10 of those requests that you would be able to get them done. When someone replies to your offer, discuss more about your proposal and then if the buyer accepts your offer, get ready to work and put the best effort to provide a good and quality service.
Wish you the best, kind regards,

thanks a lot