How do buyers order "wrong gigs" ? Is that a bug? Does it happen to you?


I’ve had buyers buying “Wrong gigs” from me often. Like if they want to order an article submission, they will buy a PR and say oops, I purchased the wrong gig but I need a submission. Its not an issue as we generally discuss and sort it out. But I wonder why this happens.

Has it ever happened to you and is it a bug ?


I recently purchased a gig (it will be profiled on my blog this weekend) I wanted a banner done but clicked on the wrong gig (same amount thought) I immediatly messaged the seller telling her “MY BAD” and explaining I was click happy. We worked it out though and its all good however those who “order” then say they want to cancel because they ordered the wrong gig makes me wonder. Especially when it comes to my own family tree gig because that is all I offer.


Many times happened with me and most of the time i provide them what they require from me. I always try to avoid cancellation because ultimately it has affect on your profile reputation…Sometimes give that gig free what they dont want.

I dont think it is bug, sometimes buyers are checking your profile and also open another browser tab for the gig they want to order from you but wrongly click on order now button for the gig they dont want to order…and they they said…OOPS


I purchased the wrong gig once. It can easily happen if a seller has similar offerings. I had used a gig once before to expand a friend’s DropBox account via referrals, and I wanted to do the same for mine later. I accidentally chose the same seller’s gig for a -new- fully expanded Dropbox account. I caught it right away, though, before the seller had done any work and indicated what I needed.


Yes its clear the buyers can spot the wrong gig easily after buying so its really no issue for sellers at all. I was just wondering if its a bug as lately it is happening the me quite a lot . Like 2 out of 10 gigs will be wrong gigs. So I am inquisitive :slight_smile:

All is good though as there is no delay from buyers to indicate its a wrong gig and there are no cancellations to hamper my reputation.


This is mostly happening with “one” particular gig of mine… which is not selling a lot on its own … but more so from “wrong gig orders”. strange.


I also wonder if it is laziness on the buyer’s part. I had one buyer message me about one of my gigs - picking the right one - but then when ordering, they opted for a different one. The information they provided was the same as we talked about in the messaging but I was confused why he/she ordered the wrong one. I wonder if that was at the top of the listing and the buyer was just being lazy, knowing that the gigs were the same price anyway.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: That makes sense. This “one” gig being constantly “wrongly” ordered is the one on top of my profile.

Providing links might mean having to spare an extra 30 secs on the message, but does save time and booking errors. Even though all gigs are priced the same, turn around times differ for all - so avoiding such errors is best :slight_smile:


Reply to @simplyjo: I follow the same process about giving the buyer the link again in messages even if it appears on their initial post. This has helped cut down the number of wrong gigs for me. I just keep the list of links in a notepad to make for a quick copy and paste.