How do Buyers Purchase More Gety Stock Images?


I have a buyer who wants to purchase more Getty stock images. They already place the gig order, and ordered one Getty stock image extra. How do they order additional Getty stock images now?


I have buyers who order multiple stock images, but don’t know how they do that. They probably select the Gig multiple or something…I have no idea how buying works, but I can tell you this can be done.


Purchasing Stock Images After Receiving Your Order

After you’ve receive and complete your order, you have the option to purchase premium quality images with Getty Images®.

Note: This will only be available in the following categories: Creative Writing, Articles & Blog Posts, Business Copywriting, and Press Releases.

To purchase premium quality stock images:

Scroll to the bottom and in the BRING YOUR TEXT TO LIFE! area, click Select Images.
Select an image. 
You can also use the search feature to find a specific type of image.
Review the details of the image, and then click Select This Image.

    You can click Add Image to add more images before placing your order.
    If you want to select another image in its place or delete the image, just place your mouse over the image and select either the pencil icon or the delete icon.
Click Order Now.

Note: If you already purchased stock images, you will have the option to purchase additional images by clicking Get More Images.



By the way, the only reason I found this info was when a buyer wanted me to include a Getty image in a Custom Quote. I couldn’t find a way so I wrote to Customer Support. They referred me to the above but said that currently there is no way to add a Getty image to a custom quote. My buyer decided they didn’t want to mess with all that and didn’t buy any images, so hopefully they will eventually make it easier to just send them a custom quote or send them the extra after purchase. The current method puts all the effort on the buyer side.