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How do buyers see $5, $10 ...$100 and so on in terms of the services they want and also, psychologically?


I thought this post might help sellers get better info to rate their services properly. So yeah, looking forward to lots of views!


I’m not sure what you mean overall, so I’m just going to suggest clarification for now. As a buyer and a seller, I don’t have anything to just your question on as far as how buyers she $5, $10, $100.

You mentioned hoping this would help sellers get better info to rate their services and I don’t know what that means, so I’m not sure how to help.


Thank you so much for your response. Maybe I could have gone overboard with some things. My point through this question was about finding a good rate of pricing the services (my means of basic $5 and then extras) , which is suitable to the seller and good enough for the buyer. What level of price makes a gig cheap and another costly and what is just right. Granted, there are a ton of services available on the marketplace. So that’s why I want to invite people to give their ideas on how they are rating their services. As many gig sellers a possible.


What you would like to know is absolutely subjective, and unless you would like to make a big research to get some statistical answers (which however would not fit for everyone), your thread has no point of discussion/advice, because the only one who should know what you want to know is you, and every one of us in our particular situations/place of living/available time/services offered.
Saying all that, I believe you won’t have so many people posting here…


Thank you so much for letting me know that. Appreciate your input. I am pretty much new to the forum here. :smile: I mainly provide ebook services. Been exploring this marketplace and experimenting with gig selling and knowing about my market for couple of months, along with learning more and more about how can I serve people. So this question was my first try on the forum. I’ll take note of what kind of questions are asked here.


Then you should be specific in your thread, maybe directing the questions to Ebook service sellers.
If you are too wide, there is no point to compare, to discuss or to advise because what is cheap/expensive for me, could not be for someone else in another category, you know?
Your question is too wide to get people involved because everybody has their own reasons to fix their prices depending on a vast amount of personal/professional variables.