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How do buyers submit requirements?

I’m pretty new to Fiverr, so please excuse me if my question seems silly.

Someone purchased a translation Gig from me a couple days ago, and I’m almost ready to deliver my work.
Problem is, I got the document (that needed translation) before the Gig was purchased, since the buyer had attached it in her request. However, since submitting a document was a requirement for my Gig, the order is marked as ‘WAITING FOR INFO
I already nudged the customer, but they can’t seem to figure out how to do it, and since I’ve never purchased here myself, I don’t know how to either.

Could anyone please tell me what the instructions to upload requirements are for a buyer?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You might try sharing this link with your buyer:

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Thank you very much!

I know it´s an old post, but I didn´t want to start a new one for the exact same problem.

Thanks for the link, I sent it, and hope this will work, I fear it might be not just a technical, but a language problem though.

Anyone has a tip for what to tell a buyer exactly, as in…what do they see exactly?
Can I tell them something like ‘Just click the green button in the bottom left corner, write a few words in the text field that pops up, and attach the same file you already attached in your ‘Buyer’s Request’ already, there too.’

Edit: I nudged the buyer with the link and a message. The status is still on ‘Waiting For Info From Buyer’ but the Due Date is going down - I was under the impression that ‘the clock starts ticking only once the buyer fulfilled the requirements’?! Do I have to be worried now?


Hello, im pretty knew so sorry, but i havw a problem. I hired sombody to edit my video and he wants me to give him the video to edit it. But i dont know how to. He said go on via fiverr and also google drive, but im so confused. please sombody help

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Confused on how to use google drive and copy paste the link to fiverr messages?
You can also attach your video with :paperclip: this sign at the fiverr inbox

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